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“Why the hell is Kushner there?” Trump retweets photo of unelected son-in-law at NATO summit

“Why the hell is Kushner there?” Trump retweets photo of unelected son-in-law at NATO summit

This afternoon, President Trump retweeted a message from Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, who shared some photographs from Trump’s breakfast with world leaders this morning at the NATO summit in the United Kingdom.

In those pictures was a very unwelcome face: that of the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who has absolutely no business attending the NATO summit or any meetings with world leaders, seeing as he has not been elected or even holds any office besides the nebulous and contrived title of “Special Advisor to the President.”

Kushner’s presence at the NATO summit is simply the latest reminder that under the Trump administration, America’s foreign policy functions as a tool for Trump and Kushner families to exert influence, gain and dispense favors, and otherwise use international diplomatic channels to engage in flagrant and open corruption.

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Trump has placed Kushner in charge of American diplomatic envoys to Israel and the real estate scion is ostensibly in charge of leading the efforts to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. In practice, this has consisted of his real estate company accepting a staggering $30 million investment from one of Israel’s biggest firms and Kushner cutting the Palestinians out of the negotiations entirely in favor of his buddy, the deranged and now-disgraced ex-WeWork CEO Adam Neumann.

Needless to say, his plan has been met with resounding rejection.

Kushner was previously involved in secret negotiations with the Saudi and Emirati monarchy over their plot to ostracize Qatar with a blockade in 2017 and was rewarded with a mysterious bailout on his company’s disastrous $1.8 billion 666 Fifth Avenue tower purchase through a company whose second-largest investor is the Qatar Investment Authority. He’s also been busted trying to arrange secret plans to sell the Saudis nuclear technology without approval from Congress and to use the President’s image to sell visas to Chinese businessmen in exchange for investments in his company. 

God only knows what Kushner is doing at the NATO summit, but it’s obvious to everyone that our national security and the strength of our alliances are not his top priority.

Social media was not pleased:

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