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FOX guest wonders if someone stole Nunes’ phone and made incriminating calls to Giuliani with it

FOX guest wonders if someone stole Nunes’ phone and made incriminating calls to Giuliani with it

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A Fox News contributor just came up with a far-fetched legal theory to try and absolve the ranking Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee from his entanglement in the presidential impeachment inquiry. (video embedded below)

Gregg Jarrett stopped practicing law some years ago to become a television personality and over the last few years has morphed into one of Trump’s top defenders, masquerading on Fox News as “a legal analyst.”

Today, the Fox “legal analyst” turned his sights on defending Trump’s litigious top defender in the House, Rep. Devin Nunes, who is already facing an ethics complaint about his alleged visits to Ukrainian officials. That’s because Nunes was completely roped into the impeachment inquiry as a fact witness through evidence presented in yesterday’s House Intel report that highlighted his calls to the president’s lawyer to further the plot to use the Oval Office to procure sham investigations into Democrats.

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“The only new thing that I picked out of yesterday’s was this communication between Devin Nunes, Rudy Giuliani, and the White House,” said Trump advisor and Fox host Brian Kilmeade to set up this question. “In what way, if any, is that problematic?” Jarrett replied:

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Well we just don’t know because we don’t know the details. In fact, it’s a call log. Does that mean that Devin Nunes was actually on the call or somebody else? And we don’t know the import of it.

Story continues below the video:

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Garrett’s latest conspiracy theory is so absurd it barely deserves any recognition. The idea that a Congressman in charge of intelligence oversight blithely handed his phone to some stranger who then proceeded to hold incriminating conversations with the President’s lawyer and fixer is really off the deepest of deep ends.

In his position as the ranking member of the House Intel Committee, the California Republican is one of only eight members of Congress briefed on the most sensitive national security matters.

It’s bad enough that Rep. Nunes is facing his second ethics investigation since 2017, both of them for using his official position to conjure up lies to help the White House, and now even his aides are specifically mentioned in the Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report. One of them, Kash Patel, now works on the National Security Council and filed a frivolous lawsuit just against a journalist just for reporting on the contents of an impeachment inquiry transcript implicating him in the plot.

House Republicans don’t have much in the way of actual defenses for anything that President Trump is doing, with their top apologist just begging for a longer investigation because it’s so obvious that he’s committed impeachable offenses.

But Fox News is still keeping its reputation as a virtual “state-run TV” station by trotting out people with no scruples who are ready to defend literally anything that House Republicans do to defend Trump, even if they’re unambiguously implicated in his crimes of office.

Here is the complete video:

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