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White House reporters notice Trump is given bigger salt & pepper shakers than his guests

White House reporters notice Trump is given bigger salt & pepper shakers than his guests

Jokes about Donald Trump’s profound insecurities have been flying around for years, but sometimes we are presented with a distillation of an ego so fragile that it forces you to stop and consider whether perhaps the jokes haven’t gone far enough. Such was the case today when CBS’s Mark Knoller shared an image of Trump at a Cabinet Room lunch meeting.

The picture shows Trump looking down the table at someone offscreen, but it’s not the president himself that makes the image worth a look. No, the weird part about it is that President Trump has salt and pepper shakers in front of him that are MUCH larger than those placed in front of United States Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft. An additional photo shared by Voice of America’s Steve Herman shows that Trump’s shakers are also larger than the other guests’.

Where to even begin with this bizarre detail? One can only speculate, but if he specifically requested that his dispensers be bigger than his guests’ it would be in perfect keeping with what we know about this man. He is obsessed with the hollower trappings of masculinity and size.

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This is the man who emblazons his name in massive gold letters on his properties. He is constantly striving to project a weak man’s idea of strength and perhaps this is just another weird, twisted attempt to make himself feel like the boss.

Technically, it’s possible that this was an accident, an oversight, or that there simply weren’t more small salt and pepper shakers. Yet that feels unlikely. You might recall that Trump made headlines before when it was revealed that he insists on being served two scoops of ice cream while his guests are relegated to just one scoop. He loves these childish power moves presumably because he thinks it makes him look like an alpha male. In reality, it just makes him look pathetic.

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