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Trump supporter threatens violence against any GOP senator voting to remove president

Trump supporter threatens violence against any GOP senator voting to remove president

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As the impeachment of Donald Trump moves from being a possibility to a near certainty, the prospect of the Senate impeachment trial to convict the president of the crimes that the evidence that the House investigation has uncovered is beginning to drive Trump’s most-deplorable supporters to advocate measures that are equally criminal and verifiably insane.

The evidence of this latest response to the Democratic-led investigation of Trump’s attempts to extort the government of Ukraine for his own political benefit comes in the form of tweets threatening violent retribution against not the Democrats who initiated the impeachment efforts, but against any so-called RINOs —Republicans in name only — who may abandon the president and vote in favor of removing him from office.

Travis Akers, a board member of the grassroots non-profit progressive media group DemCastUSA, found a series of tweets from a Virginia man named Joe Heinzen, a radicalized pro-life Oracle executive, who predicted — or threatened, as some interpreted his words — that three Republican senators who are seen as open to voting to remove Trump from office for his verifiable constitutional violations “will not finish their trms [sic] if they vote 4 impeachment.”

“I have info that a grp has been formed and have order to eliminate them[.] It will be impossible to stop it ONCE it starts[.] I KNOW OF AT LEAST THREE WHO HAVE BEEN TARGETED. There r 2-3 more selected as maybes,” Heinzen ominously writes.

Heinzen, whose Twitter account has since been suspended, was reacting to an Ann Coulter tweet that linked to an article on The Hill website that identified Senators Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and Mitt Romney (R-UT) as the potential GOP defectors in a Senate trial of the president.

Add your name to demand an investigation into Devin Nunes for conspiring with Giuliani and Trump to extort Ukraine!

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Heinzen’s talk of an already formed militia planning on carrying out violence against any senator conducting their constitutional rights — or rather their solemn duties — is a direct result of the divisive rhetoric emanating directly from the mouth of Donald Trump and his most ardent supporters, like this quote from radical evangelical Pastor Robert Jeffress that Trump posted in September.

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Not content with using obstruction and falsehoods to prevent his removal from office — an event that would expose the president to considerable criminal legal exposure once he loses the immunity from indictment that the Department of Justice repeatedly insists he enjoys while in office — Trump is resorting to painting a picture of his base’s violent reaction if he is indeed stripped of the presidency for his crimes, a picture that only serves to inspire his followers to issue violent threats.

Trump already has blood on his hands after his anti-immigration propaganda inspired the murders at a Pittsburgh synagogue last year, and he narrowly avoided responsibility for even more deaths when the pipe bombs mailed to the media outlets labeled “fake news” by the president and to prominent Democratic leaders by Cesar Sayok, one of his followers, failed to explode.

Trump’s desperation at avoiding responsibility for his wrongdoings and the lengths to which he will go to evade the incarceration he deserves make him the most dangerous president in modern history. If there weren’t already plenty of other reasons to remove him from office, the threats of violence that he is conjuring from his followers would be sufficient reason on their own to do so.

Let’s just hope the process can move forward without any collateral damage towards any Republicans who manage to develop a conscience and regain the respect for the Constitution that their party has otherwise completely abandoned as they bow down to their ignoble leader.

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