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Trump-loving Republican House candidate charged with felony stalking his ex

Trump-loving Republican House candidate charged with felony stalking his ex

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The MAGA movement is riddled from top to bottom with creeps of the lowest order, as one should expect of any group headed by a serial sexual predator. The latest pro-Trump Republican to be exposed as a criminal weirdo is Omar Navarro, a man known in right-wing circles for his repeated attempts to oust Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and win her Congressional seat. While he has failed to ever really come within striking distance of beating Waters, his repeated attempts have earned him some attention within the GOP. He is trying once again to defeat the respected Congresswoman in 2020.

The Daily Beast reports that Navarro was arrested over the weekend after allegedly being spotted lurking around the apartment of his ex-girlfriend DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero. She herself is also running for office as a MAGA candidate and is angling to unseat Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in what is obviously a doomed Congressional bid.

According to Tesoriero, she saw Navarro creeping around near her home and also received a text message from an unknown number which read “Bitch, I came to see you.” She in turn contacted the police who arrested Navarro on charges of felony stalking, criminal threats, and attempted extortion. On top of that, he allegedly violated a restraining order Tesoriero took out on him over threatening text messages and as such will face an additional misdemeanor charge.

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“Clearly, he has a lot of screws loose. I think a lot of this power has gotten into his head. He has a lot of money now from campaign donations,” Tesoriero said to The Daily Beast.

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She claims that Navarro got so desperate that he offered to pay her to marry him in the past and threatened to disseminate the addresses of her family members to “antifa.” Based on remarks he made to the effect, she believes he would have gone so far as to kidnap her cats.

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The behavior seems to be in keeping with Navarro’s character. In 2017, he hid a tracking device on his ex-wife’s car and was subsequently placed on probation. Clearly, this man has some very profound and twisted problems.

Navarro is denying the accusations but concedes that he was near her apartment at the time in question.

Tesoriero and Navarro were briefly a couple at the beginning of the year and both participated in a “Tribute to Men” event which also included other MAGA celebrities like PragerU’s Youtube personality Will Witt and singer Kaya Jones. Eventually, Navarro and Tesoriero’s relationship deteriorated to the point where they had a public fight at a bar in Washington D.C. The embarrassing incident ended up damaging Navarro’s reputation.

“Obviously she’s not honoring the 11th Commandment from Ronald Reagan,” Navarro told The Daily Beast, referencing a broad agreement amongst Republicans to never criticize one another in public.

It should go without saying that no woman deserves to be treated to this kind of unacceptable behavior, even someone with as terrible politics as Tesoriero. Hopefully, Navarro is held fully accountable for his alleged crimes and Tesoriero never has to worry about him again.

Original reporting by Will Sommer.

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