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An official arm of the Trump campaign shares edited clip of Trump as Avengers villain right before his final defeat

An official arm of the Trump campaign shares edited clip of Trump as Avengers villain right before his final defeat

The Trump War Room is a Twitter account officially affiliated with the Trump campaign that exists solely to champion the president’s imagined accomplishments and to disseminate low-effort images and memes that his deranged online followers eagerly lap up.

Much of the content propagated by the account revolves around the fabricated persona of Trump as some no-nonsense, masculine hero who dispatches his political opponents with ease. The fact that he is in actuality a failed president mired in scandals who whines constantly and who’s currently on the verge of being impeached is a reality that’s consistently and conveniently ignored by the “War Room.”

Earlier today, the account shared a doctored clip that shows Trump’s head superimposed on the body of Thanos, the archvillain from the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame. In the video, Trump-Thanos snaps his fingers and his magical gauntlet causes Speaker Nancy Pelosi and several other prominent Democrats to disintegrate on an atomic level. The decision to paint the American president as a genocidal maniac who murders his own adopted daughter and seeks to destroy half of all life forms in the known universe is disturbing, but the precise moment chosen for the clip is also notable.

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As many Twitter users were quick to point out, the edited shot comes at the end of the movie, right before Thanos is destroyed and all of his vile supporters and allies vanquished. In other words, The Trump War Room’s video implies that Donald Trump is about to lose his final battle, a fitting gaffe considering Democrats officially introduced articles of impeachment today.

Beyond the boneheaded nature of painting their candidate as a galactic war criminal about to suffer a crushing defeat, the video reveals one of the central truths of the MAGA movement. Many of his followers don’t mind that he’s a cruel leader who locks children in cages. To them, his villainous nature is a plus because he focuses it on marginal groups that they despise such as undocumented immigrants. They know he’s a bad man and they don’t care.

Luckily for us, Trump doesn’t require an alliance of superpowered heroes to defeat. All it takes is us showing up to the polls en masse and voting him out in 2020.

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And here’s the original clip with a bit more context.


The Twitter responses quickly piled up.

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