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Trump frantically whines about “political madness” in response to articles of impeachment filing

Trump frantically whines about “political madness” in response to articles of impeachment filing

As they stated they would yesterday, Democrats have officially unveiled articles of impeachment against President Trump. The two charges are “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.”

The former he is clearly guilty of since we know that he tried to exploit the vast powers of the Oval Office to force Ukraine into opening a sham investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter ahead of the 2020 election.

The latter offense was done out in the open, as the White House refused to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry and blocked key figures from testifying. There is no credible defense the administration can mount on either front and it seems certain that the House will pass a vote to impeach the president.

As he always does when backed into a corner, Trump is refusing to take accountability for his actions and is instead relying on outrageous lies and misdirection tactics. This morning, he tweeted that impeaching him is a bad idea because of all his “results” which he claimed include “perhaps the strongest economy in our country’s history” and that his constitutes “one of the most successful presidencies ever.”

The delusion on display in this tweet is par for the course for this man and by almost every metric his administration has been an abject failure. His only real “accomplishment” is ramrodding a plutocratic tax bill through Congress that served to funnel even more wealth to the super-rich. As for the economy he takes so much credit for, it must in large part be attributed to President Obama for digging us out of the financial hole that the previous Republican administration pushed us into.

Add your name to demand an investigation into Devin Nunes for conspiring with Giuliani and Trump to extort Ukraine!

Trump went on in his tweet to insist that he has done “NOTHING wrong,” even though the mountains of evidence and witness testimonies indicate otherwise. He finished it off with the incredibly oblivious statement that impeaching him is “sheer Political Madness,” a better description for his entire presidency than the efforts to remove him from office.

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Since day one of his term he has reduced our government to a circus more akin to one of his tawdry reality televisions than anything else. He has torn families apart, locked children in cages, funneled money to his cronies, destroyed our national reputation and undermined crucial alliances, and behaved like an undignified, aggrieved child throughout it all.

It would be madness to leave him in office.

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