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Lindsey Graham compares FBI’s treatment of Trump to their infamous treatment of MLK

Lindsey Graham compares FBI’s treatment of Trump to their infamous treatment of MLK

On Monday, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz delivered his report on the manner in which the investigation into Russia’s 2016 election interference was handled by authorities.

While it showed that the FBI made some serious mistakes in conducting its investigation into the Trump campaign, particularly as it pertains to FISA warrants, it ultimately demonstrated that the investigatory efforts were not motivated by political bias and that Trump’s claim that the bureau infiltrated his staff with a spy was false. It wasn’t a perfect investigation, but it was a legitimate one and operated nothing like the conspiratorial witch hunt the president has long alleged.

The report immediately became a litmus test illustrating the stark difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. Members of the former were quick to point out that the IG found no bias against Trump or his campaign animating the investigation. The latter focused on the mostly understandable human errors made by FBI agents and now  wants to to pretend as if the entire report is a validation of some of the president’s worst, most convoluted conspiracy theories about the “Deep State.”  Of course, it never really mattered what the report was going to show, Republicans would have acted as if it exonerated Trump no matter what.

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Today, the Senate held a hearing for IG Horowitz, and as expected the Republicans dug into their usual bag of obfuscations and misinformation. At one point, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) took his efforts to defend the president he so obsequiously and unquestioningly serves to an absurd low. During a rant about the FBI’s investigation, he bemoaned the bureau’s “abuse of power” and said it was like the bad old days of the FBI when J. Edgar Hoover was alive and in control, operating as it pleased without any real regard for the law.

Graham then took his hyperbole a step further by saying that the investigation into the Trump team was akin to the now-infamous manner in which the FBI harassed and spied on Civil Rights hero Martin Luther King Jr.

“The old FBI! The FBI that had a chip on its shoulder and wanted to intimidate people and find out what was going on in your life and the law be damned. Martin Luther King and fill in the names…” Graham said, without an ounce of shame.

As any sane person will surely admit, Trump is nothing like MLK and the FBI’s treatment of the two cannot be compared. The bureau investigated Trump because there were real, credible concerns that he was compromised by Russia. The FBI spied on MLK to undermine his Civil Rights work and even went so far as to send him a blackmail letter trying to convince him to commit suicide. To act as if there are any similarities between the two is frankly disgusting.

Watch the clip of Graham embarrassing himself below.

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