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Trump goes off on Oval Office rant and trashes war hero witness after impeachment articles are approved

Trump goes off on Oval Office rant and trashes war hero witness after impeachment articles are approved

As the impeachment of the president proceeds—taking a major step forward today with the approval of articles of impeachment by the House Judiciary Committee—we are being treated to the sight of Donald J. Trump unraveling in real-time.

It’s a near-certainty that he will be impeached in the House and even if the Republican partisan hacks in the Senate ultimately decide to overlook his gross abuses of power, he will still be a disgraced president going into the 2020 election and the history books will record him as one of the very few presidents to ever be impeached. He’s handling it about as well as an unhinged egomaniac can be expected to.

Since there is no legitimate way for Trump to defend his efforts to coerce Ukraine into smearing Joe Biden ahead of the election by opening up a sham investigation into him and his son, the president is forced to rely on convoluted conspiracy theories, baseless protestations of innocence, and outright lies. The result is a jumbled, messy narrative that makes no sense and offers no real protection against impeachment.

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Earlier today, Trump spoke to reporters in the Oval Office and demonstrated once again how fundamentally unprepared he is to handle the charges leveled against him. He hit some of his favorite nonsensical points, bouncing from whining about the whistleblower who first drew attention to his Ukraine plot, to claiming that the transcript of his Ukraine call exonerated him (it did the opposite), to smearing Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), and attacking the “corrupt media.”

“I’m lucky we had this transcript,” Trump said at one point, repeating his lie that it clears his name. “Which by the way has now been verified by ‘the Lieutenant Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel’ okay?” Trump went on, exaggerating and mocking the rank of Lt. Colonel Vindman, the war veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and brave patriot who dared testify during the impeachment inquiry.

Vindman previously told the House Intelligence Committee that he was one of the people who witnessed Trump’s Ukraine call firsthand and that he had grave concerns about the president’s behavior. His damning testimony immediately made him a target for the ire of the president and the frothing MAGA movement.

Once again, we see that Trump’s support for the U.S. military is an act that gets dropped as soon as a service member voices anything but unqualified praise for his disastrous presidency. Never let anyone tell you that Republicans support our troops. By shielding Trump even as he trashes men like Vindman they’ve made it clear where they stand. They will put party over country every single time.

Watch the clip below.

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