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Trump slams Democrats representing districts he won in morning anti-impeachment rant

Trump slams Democrats representing districts he won in morning anti-impeachment rant

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With the vote on his impeachment in the full House of Representatives about to take place this coming week after successfully being passed by the Judiciary Committee, Donald Trump is trying to prevent the results from sending the case for his removal from office to a Senate trial.

Yes, the man who wanted the ability to call his own witnesses in his defense before the chamber where he enjoys a partisan majority and who has consistently denied wrongdoing despite the mountain of evidence that emerged in the House impeachment inquiry despite his refusal to cooperate with the investigation has now suddenly realized the stain on his reputation that being only the fourth president in U.S. history to be impeached truly would be.

Trump applied his strenuous best efforts this morning with his Twitter thumbs to try to miraculously sway the impeachment vote in the House by targeting the opinions of independent voters in the electorate and those Democrats elected to Congress from districts that he won in the 2016 election.

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The first order of events in his self-pity party was to portray himself as a victim in the mode of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh whose confirmation hearings were marred by accusations of sexual harassment that prevented Trump and Republicans from ramming the appointment through without serious pushback that could have derailed the nomination had the White House not ordered the FBI to limit its investigation into the allegations against the beer-loving jurist.

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Trump’s propaganda painting Democrats as “Radical Left, Do Nothing” legislators is almost as huge a lie as his completely false assertion that Democratic voters are crossing party lines to vote for the GOP when in fact the Republican base is shrinking, not increasing.

After then retweeting a couple of supportive articles from the bastion of conservative capitalism The Wall Street Journal — which shares Rupert Murdoch as an owner with Fox News — Trump moved on to quotes from defenders within in his own party.

The first was from Congressman Michael Waltz (R-FL) who ignored the trends revealed in the 2018 midterm elections to make this factually unsubstantiated claim.

Even if Representative Waltz’s assertion were true, the fact remains that a majority of independent voters are in favor of Trump’s impeachment, despite the president’s wishful thinking.

At this point, Trump moved onto his most promising target — in his own mind at least — to try to press his claims of innocence while instilling fears of a ballot box retribution towards any Democrat from a “Trump won” [sic] district with a quote from the obviously impartial Jason Meister, Advisory Board Member of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Besides ignoring the obvious fact that Trump only released the Ukraine military aide after he learned of the whistleblower complaint about his violation of the law, the president’s deliberate misrepresentation of the constitutional mandate that Congress has in initiating impeachment proceedings is the true irreparable harm to our Republic that is currently occurring.

These tweets are designed to instill fear that a vote for confirming the articles of impeachment drawn up by the House Judiciary Committee will be a political death sentence for any Democrat in a swing district and will only help motivate Republican voters to go to the polls to reelect the president.

The one question one has to ask oneself is why Trump would be fighting so hard against impeachment if he truly believed that it would help him win reelection. After all, considering the felonious lengths that he went to in order to get incriminating info on one of his most popular opponents, his confidence in his ability to win on his record, on his merits, or on his polarizing personality must be pretty low to stoop to such measures.

Hopefully, his impeachment and removal from office will prevent us from learning whether his political strategies for reelection would have been more successful than his attempts to sway the impeachment vote that will by all signs be setting up his Senate trial shortly.

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