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Trump accuses Presidential Debate Commission of being biased against him in paranoid rant

Trump accuses Presidential Debate Commission of being biased against him in paranoid rant

Donald Trump started off his day by going on a ludicrous retweeting spree, amplifying messages from some of his most obsequious supporters because apparently the President of the United States of America has nothing better to do with his time than stroke his own ego online. Interspersed amongst the retweets were some original tweets from Trump himself, and they clearly show that he is riddled with anxiety heading into 2020.

His impeachment in the House is looming and on top of that, there is a strong field of Democrats vying for the party nomination. Regardless of who ends up securing it, it’s an absolute certainty that they will make an infinitely better president than Trump. Perhaps worried that the American people realize that, Trump tweeted that he is “looking forward” to debating whichever Democrat “stumbles across the finish line in the little watched Do Nothing Democrat Debates.” He went on to brag about the economy and insisted that he has a great record when it comes to debates even though his past performances were often incoherent and always mendacious.

Since it’s Trump, he couldn’t get through his tweet outburst without painting himself as a victim. He complained that the Commission on Presidential Debates, a nonprofit, bipartisan-controlled organization, is full of “Trump Haters & Never Trumpers.” As is usually the case with Trump’s paranoid assertions, he failed to provide any evidence for his claim.

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Additionally, he lied and claimed that the commission issued a public apology in 2016 for “modulating” his microphone in a debate against Hillary Clinton. The Commission did no such thing. They conceded that there was a microphone issue but did not apologize for it.

Trump rounded out his tweets by stating that the debates are up to him and that he might choose to bypass the Commission altogether and hold the debates “directly.” Hypocritically, he said that he would like to avoid the “nasty politics” of the Commission as if his entire brand of politics isn’t about being as nasty and cruel as humanly possible.

He added that he will announce his final decision eventually but that the Commission does not speak for him or the Republican Party in general. Despite the content of the tweets, one can’t rule out the possibility that he will ultimately refuse to take part in the debates altogether. The moment he steps onto that stage the Democratic nominee will be able to directly confront him over the myriad failures of his administration and even Trump with all his spin-doctoring will struggle to defend himself from that in real-time. He’s scared and he should be.

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