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Trump supporters at a rally claim the Ukraine transcript exonerates Trump then admit they haven’t read it

Trump supporters at a rally claim the Ukraine transcript exonerates Trump then admit they haven’t read it

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As part of their coverage of the 2020 election, The Daily Show is sending comedian and political commentator Jordan Klepper on the road with the Trump campaign. His trademark sense of irony produced some of the funnier moments of the 2016 election, as he managed to get one Trump supporter after another to reveal their own ignorance and warped worldviews on camera. Most of them seemed oblivious to how ridiculous they came across and it looks like three years of having their unhinged president in the White House has done nothing but exacerbate their disconnect from reality.

The Daily Show released one of the new Klepper segments last night. In it, he visits a Trump rally in Pennsylvania to talk about the election and impeachment. After some playful mocking of the hideous pro-Trump merchandise on display, he spoke to a man with a nightmarish shirt advocating for Trump’s reelection followed by the subsequent election to the presidency of his numerous children.

One can hardly imagine a worse fate for the United States than to be ruled over by a dynasty of barely sentient goons for the next few decades, but the hellish vision was rendered funny by the fact that the man who made the shirt messed up the math and as a result the text implied that each Trump child would only serve one term as president. When Klepper pointed it out, the man refused to back down and insisted that an Ivanka Trump presidency from 2024 to 2028 would actually constitute eight years. It appears the MAGA movement has now moved so far from the real world that something as immutable as basic math is now up for debate.

McConnell admitted coordinating impeachment with Trump. Add your name to demand he recuse himself from the trial!

The clip takes a somewhat darker turn after that with Klepper asking some voters for their thoughts on the candidates currently vying for the Democratic nominee. Immediately, the deep well of hatred from which Trumpism is nourished made itself known.

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Klepper asked a young man for one word to describe each Democrat. The first few answers were generic insults and macho-posturing but when he was asked about Mayor Pete Buttigieg he grinned as if there was something hilarious about the very idea of his candidacy. The man called him “Pete Butt” and explained that he shouldn’t say the full phrase which sprang to mind because he was on camera. Klepper pushed him and the man gleefully caved and said “Pete Buttplug,” an obviously crude and demeaning jab at the mayor’s homosexuality. Klepper pointed out it was homophobic to say and the man’s face fell, perhaps as he realized how bad he would come across when the segment aired.

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Another man laughed when Klepper asked him for one word to describe Buttigieg and said that he’s “just a joke.” When Klepper asked him to explain the joke, he struggled to explain, saying that he was trying to be “politically correct,” with the implication that he wanted to say something offensive but was holding back in front of the camera. Klepper suggested “vet” would be a good word to describe Buttigieg. “Nah,” the man replied. Clearly, homophobia is alive and rampant within Trump’s base.

The final stretch of the segment dealt with impeachment. None of the Trump supporters shown believed that Donald Trump has done anything deserving of impeachment. Many echoed his call to “read the transcript” of his call with the Ukrainian president. Klepper asked them if they themselves had the transcript and they all admitted that they had not. One man’s simple explanation was that he trusts the president.

Of course, if any of them had read the transcript they would have seen that Trump explicitly asked the Ukrainian president for the “favor” of investigating Joe Biden and his son Hunter, with the obvious goal of undermining the former vice president’s 2020 campaign.

As is always the case in the Kingdom of MAGA, ignorance reigns supreme.

Read the transcript here and watch the clip below.

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