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“Like Watergate, but bigger!”: Trump projects his misdeeds onto the Democrats

“Like Watergate, but bigger!”: Trump projects his misdeeds onto the Democrats

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Donald Trump is acting as if the Justice Department’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz did not just release his report on the FBI’s investigation into his campaign’s Russia links less than a month ago.

The report — while discovering flaws in the bureau’s process for applying for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants — should have put to death once and for all the conspiracy theories that Democrats and the Obama administration engaged in a politicized effort to sabotage his campaign.

Trump’s warped psyche, however, cannot seem to accept the legitimacy of the inspector general’s conclusions whether because his failing mental faculties simply can’t absorb new information that causes cognitive dissonance with his own exalted opinion of himself or because he knows that any admittance of error could cause his whole facade of executive competence to tumble to the ground in the eyes of his supporters who view him as an infallible ubermensch.

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Instead, the president continues to push his alternative history — a category of speculative invention that would normally be filed in the fiction section of your local book store — as being the real story of what happened, conveniently blaming his opponents for the exact same type of misdeeds that he himself has been impeached for initiating. You know, those articles citing his abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, right?

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While Trump has been too busy playing golf during his holiday retreat at Mar-a-Lago in Florida the past few days to spend much time feeding his social media beast, he did manage to reiterate for the umpteenth time on Twitter his false narrative that paints the Democrats as the villains in his fairy tale rendition of reality — as if someone were to write the story of the three little pigs from the point of view of the big bad wolf as the hero.

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By making everything in his tweet such an obvious lie, Trump has made it easy to respond to his multiple falsehoods with one simple answer: No! Or, if one wants to make a detailed point by point reply to each of his purposeful misstatements:  No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! And No!

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There. That should cover every lie the president tells in this Sunday afternoon, post-golf tweet.

Tired of all the negativity? Then you can approach it this way. Is everything the president claims in this tweet complete and utter horse manure? Yes!

We’ve all been through the narrative enough times that it’s not even worth reiterating the fact that the Steele dossier had its origins in opposition research from a Republican opponent of Trump’s in the Republican primaries and was only taken over by Democrats once Trump had secured the GOP nomination.

Moreover, how much longer does the president intend to use “Crooked Hillary” as an attack point for a Democratic party in which the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State plays such a now insignificant role?

Must we again point out that spying on his political enemies, attempting to extort a foreign government to investigate them, and then covering it up is exactly what the king of psychological projection is being impeached for?

That, my friends, is what is just like Watergate but bigger. Except this president is too stupid— or too scared of post-presidential prosecution—  to know when he should resign.

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