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Trump exposes ignorance of basic politics in tweet wondering why Pelosi is “allowed” to impeach him

Trump exposes ignorance of basic politics in tweet wondering why Pelosi is “allowed” to impeach him

Rather than spending the night of Christmas Day with his family making merry, President Trump let the nation know that the only thing he could focus on was his impending impeachment — and that he’s running out of excuses to make.

The president lashed out on Twitter at “crazy” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and questioned why she should be “allowed” to impeach him, continuing to try to force the narrative that this is some kind of partisan unilateral action and not the elected leader of our governing body devoutly following the letter of the law laid out in the Consitution that Trump swore an oath to uphold.

The president’s whiny tirade is completely divorced from reality and completely flies in the face of everything that has actually happened, which is the president and his allies obstructing and attempting to sabotage due process at every opportunity. It also exposes his stunning ignorance of how U.S. politics works — Speaker Pelosi has that “slight majority” because his party lost an election, largely due to backlash against Trump’s appalling policy agenda, and she’s doing it because the Constitution says she can.

The only “hypocrites” in this situation are the president’s Republican allies in the House and Senate, many of whom were all too happy to impeach President Clinton over his wildly poor personal decisions but are refusing to lift a finger against a President who has grossly abused the power of his office — an act for which there is substantial evidence, despite what Trump may say about it.

The president, clearly spending his Christmas Day eve watching FOX & Friends, went on to share a quote from one of the hosts complaining that the House acted improperly by not calling on new witnesses or documents before dispatching the articles of impeachment to the Senate even though they tried their best to call on new witnesses and documents that were immediately blocked by Republicans.

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It is honestly terrifying to see the president continuously barrage the American people with preposterous lies and knowing that there is nothing you could say to a significant segment of the population to convince them that they’re not true — and to wonder whether or not his messages are starting to embed themselves in other folks under the relentless repetition. It is imperative that the Democratic Party redouble its efforts to win the messaging war against the president; he’s made it clear that his feral, obsessive little brain is never going to cease the onslaught of paranoid delusions and we can’t afford to let him win. Justice demands it.


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