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Reporter stunned after Don Jr. posts “psychotic sh*t” over Trump Home Alone 2 cameo edit

Reporter stunned after Don Jr. posts “psychotic sh*t” over Trump Home Alone 2 cameo edit

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President Trump ended his Boxing Day posting session by proving once again that there is no limit to which his pettiness truly extends. After a Tampa FOX affiliate reported that the President’s brief and purely self-aggrandizing cameo in the classic film “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York” had been cut from Canadian broadcasts of the film, the President decided to blame Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wondered if it was somehow in retribution for “making him pay up on NATO” and “trade!”

Perhaps Trump is joking, but the fact that this registers on his radar at all and bothers him enough to publicly address it is truly pathetic. It just goes to show how paranoid and suspicious he is; every little slight is magnified into a piece of a larger plot against him by the haters and losers, constantly haunted by an existential dread that someday he will have to face any kind of responsibility for his actions, even if it be as meager as public dislike or the minimization of his “achievements.”

McConnell admitted coordinating impeachment with Trump. Add your name to demand he recuse himself from the trial!

His son Donald Trump Jr., however, went entirely off the deep end and launched into what Trump family social media researcher Ashley Feinberg described as “some of the most psychotic sh*t” she had ever seen from him:

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For the man who wrote an entire book called “Triggered,” this is absolutely one of the most pathetic and delusional explosions of frothing outrage over nothing that American politics has ever seen. To equate the Canadian Broadcasting Company to “the news” and a “leftist lobbyist” and to say that this is what the “right-wing is up against” is so far beyond the realm of reason that all of his words are rendered completely meaningless.

All this over a seven-second cameo in a children’s movie.

His tantrum was made even more humiliating when the Canadian Broadcasting Company later clarified that the edits were made in 2014 in order to accommodate more commercials — long before Trump even began running for office.

It just goes to show how far beyond the pale the right-wing truly has gone. In their incessant worship of their mad king, Trump’s sycophantic supporters have fully internalized the president’s obsessive paranoia, the way that his petulant rage entirely consumes him, and his complete removal from reality. Driving them from office is the only recourse that we have left; it’s clear that things like arguments and facts are useless against such fanatic zeal.

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