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Trump frantically denies that he went golfing while US embassy was attacked in Iraq

Trump frantically denies that he went golfing while US embassy was attacked in Iraq

A president in command of his faculties and on top of a developing foreign policy emergency has no need to be defensive while in the midst of attempting to handle the crisis.

Naturally, as Donald Trump faces the successful storming of the American embassy compound in Iraq by a crowd of locals angry over the U.S. airstrikes on an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia this weekend, foremost on his mind was attacking the media that portrayed him as golfing while the embassy burned.

The president’s angry retort to the press reports that accurately reported his brief visit to his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, proved that a nerve had been hit in the man who once claimed that “I’m not going to have time to go play golf” once he became president yet has already spent 236 days of his term doing exactly that.

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Unfortunately for Trump, his denial is based primarily on semantics, since, although he may indeed not actually have picked up his drivers and irons today, the White House press pool assigned to cover his every move has hard evidence that he actually did visit the golf course’s clubhouse today at the very least, hence the weaselly fudge of “meetings in various locations.”

The denizens of Twitter are finely attuned to the president’s con games and called him out on his failure to grasp that whether or not he was actually playing golf versus visiting the golf course, it was time spent not attending to the diplomatic and military crisis that was unfolding halfway around the world as most people expect their commander-in-chief to do.

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As if the world needed more proof that Donald Trump couldn’t tell the truth if his life — or the security of the nation and our diplomatic corps – depended on it, the president delivered today. It’s too bad that he can’t be depended on to deliver anything else.


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