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Trump admin recklessly flirts with war by assassinating Iran’s most famous general in Baghdad

Trump admin recklessly flirts with war by assassinating Iran’s most famous general in Baghdad

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Just days after the U.S. embassy in Baghdad was stormed by Iraqi protestors furious at the bombing of a militia camp by the U.S. military, the Trump administration has decided to kick off the new year with one of the most arrogantly provocative displays of violence they could muster — bombing a vehicle convoy as it left the airport in the middle of Baghdad.

Reports are extremely sketchy but it appears that the leader of Iraqi militia Katai’b Hezbollah, Abu Mahdi al-Mohanis, was killed in the bombing with the group’s head of protocol, Mohammed Ridha. With them was Qassim Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force and the man in charge of Iran’s proxy groups throughout the Middle East.

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This is a deadly serious provocation that will not only send the city of Baghdad into a paroxysm of fury at the United States but may also be the spark that ignites open conflict between the United States and Iran, which will not take kindly to the murder of one of its most senior military generals — the equivalent to killing the CIA director while on a foreign visit.

If this is true — and it appears that it is — the United States has assassinated a major military commander of a country we are not at war with, far outside of a warzone, and surrounded by civilians.

Imagine how we would respond to that.

Every United States soldier in the Middle East is suddenly in extreme danger thanks to the bloodlust of the Trump administration and the psychotic neocons who pull the strings behind the scenes.

Words cannot adequately describe what an absolutely disastrous decision this was.

Original reporting by Missy Ryan and Dan Lamothe at the Washington Post.

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