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Trump kicks off new year with wild Twitter rant complaining he’s the victim of the “CRIME OF THE CENTURY”

Trump kicks off new year with wild Twitter rant complaining he’s the victim of the “CRIME OF THE CENTURY”

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To the surprise of absolutely no one and the chagrin of reasonable people everywhere, Donald Trump is diving into the new year with the same kind of pathetic Twitter behavior that has defined his presidency for the past three years. Having been impeached in the House and with his trial in the Senate looming ahead of him, Trump has receded more and more into damage control mode and this morning’s tweets were just his latest attempt to paint himself as some beleaguered innocent victim.

For what must be the umpteenth time, Trump smeared numerous government officials by claiming inaccurately that “a lot of very good people” were “taken down by a small group of Dirty (Filthy) Cops, politicians, government officials” and an “illegally started” investigation that “SPIED” on his campaign.”

As is so often the case with this man, it’s difficult to know where to begin with such a tightly wound ball of lies. The “very good people” he’s talking about includes lifelong criminals like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone as well as the disgraced, deeply mendacious former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. By no metric are these innocent people and by only the most creative, licentious metric are they “good people.”

The claim that his campaign was illegally spied on has been so thoroughly debunked at this point that one would have to be a complete fool to spend more than a moment discussing it.

McConnell admitted coordinating impeachment with Trump. Add your name to demand he recuse himself from the trial!

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Trump went on to really play up the victimhood angle by claiming that the “Witch Hunt is sputtering badly,” which is something he would have no need to point out if it were true, and that’s ignoring the fact that this entire investigatory process is the furthest thing from a witch hunt as proven by the mountains of evidence and damning testimonies.

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He also referred to his Ukraine scandal as a “Ukraine Hoax!” which is laughable since his White House released the transcript of his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. It clearly shows Trump asking for the “favor” of Ukraine opening a sham investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter to damage the former vice president’s 2020 chances.

The president ended his little outburst with some of his trademark exaggerations, claiming that those involved in investigating him would be “in jail for treason (and more)” if they had done what they did to any other president and that the investigation would be considered the “CRIME OF THE CENTURY” and would be considered far worse than Watergate.

In one sense, Trump is correct. His presidency will go down as being involved in something far worse than Nixon’s Watergate, but it will be his efforts to undermine our democracy with foreign help not the subsequent investigation that bears that ignominious distinction.


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