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Fox News reporter rips Trump team “de-escalation” excuse live on air: It’s “anything but”

Fox News reporter rips Trump team “de-escalation” excuse live on air: It’s “anything but”

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The world is reeling today from the news that Qasem Soleimani, head of the Iranian Quds force, has been killed in a strike in Iraq ordered by President Trump. The now-deceased general was responsible for untold suffering and death in the Middle East and was the mastermind behind countless terror attacks so in one regard his death is no cause for mourning.

At the same time,  Soleimani was Iran’s best-known general and one of the most powerful people in their country so the assassination falls well outside the bounds of expected international behavior. The targeted killing represents a major escalation between the United States and the Islamic Republic, and some prognosticators are worried it could result in all-out war. It now comes down to how Iran chooses to respond.

Regardless of one’s thoughts about the wisdom or morality of the strike itself, the fallout should be a deep cause for concern. The Trump administration is an entity of unfettered chaos staffed with imbeciles, opportunists, and sadists. The odds that they considered all of the ramifications before killing Soleimani are slim and the odds that they’ll be able to respond competently to the consequences are even slimmer. On top of that, this White House has such a disgusting reputation for lying about everything that the world cannot trust a single word they say about this crisis. On top of that, it’s unfortunately completely possible that Trump ordered this killing to draw attention away from his impeachment.

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a man of middling intelligence who is incredibly unqualified for his position, has been defending Trump’s strike all day. He claims that it was a necessary act aimed at preventing imminent danger to Americans and is absurdly painting the killing as a stabilizing move. Pompeo tweeted numerous times today about speaking to foreign leaders and claims that the United States wants to de-escalate tensions in the region.

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Fox News is split on how to cover the story. As usual, many of them are rushing to fawn all over Trump and offer obsequious, shortsighted praise of his decision.  Surprisingly though, some are making a principled stand. Fox’s foreign correspondent Trey Yingst wasn’t afraid to call out Pompeo’s “de-escalation” rhetoric.

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“The reality on the ground is what happened last night, the United State assassinating the senior-most Iranian military official, is anything but ‘de-escalation,”” said Yingst. Hopefully, more figures in the media refuse to swallow this administration’s lies and tell the American people the truth. A disastrous war could very well hang in the balance.

Watch the clip below.

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