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Trump brags about how hard he works after his 15th day at his luxury resort

Trump brags about how hard he works after his 15th day at his luxury resort

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It’s difficult for Donald Trump to find the time these days to fully express the self-pity he suffers from due to his self-induced impeachment.

Between partying with his pals at Mar-a-Lago, playing golf 15 days in a row, and committing international war crimes by illegally assassinating a foreign military leader, the president barely found the time this morning to post a single tweet: a highly exaggerated appraisal of his popularity among members of the shrinking Republican party that claims his approval rating is 95% when the latest year-end poll from the Economist/YouGov only gives him 89% approval as the next GOP candidate in the Republican primaries in those states that still even plan to bother holding them.

McConnell admitted coordinating impeachment with Trump. Add your name to demand he recuse himself from the trial!

After that brief tweet, Trump’s account was unusually silent for nearly seven hours, a stark change from the dozens of defensive retweets he typically obsessively posts on a daily basis.

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If perhaps you thought that the reason for the sudden inactivity on social media was that Trump was too busy dealing with the fallout from his decision to assassinate the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, then it may be best to point out that the president’s daily published Public Schedule listed his calendar as containing only a single event today — The President goes to Trump International Golf Club (9:56 AM – ) — as it has nearly every day for the past two weeks.

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When Trump finally broke his Twitter fast, it was to complain about how hard he works, a laughable concept from a man who spent all morning golfing.

Besides bearing false witness to his work habits, Trump, as usual, gives himself personal credit for everything good happening in America as zealously as he shirks responsibility for any mistakes or misdeeds that take place.

While spending a fortune in taxpayer dollars on his extended golf vacation at his own resort while pocketing the profits from the extended security detail and the bevy of hangers-on, Trump has the audacity to complain that the Democrats are wasting time and money on what only he and his self-interested supporters see as an impeachment hoax — despite the already substantial mounds of evidence supporting his removal from office and with more incriminating documents leaking each week.

Trump’s petulant demand that he be allowed to devote all of his time to the “REAL USA” — which presumably lies somewhere near the fairways at the Trump International Golf Club since that’s where he’s been spending most of his free time — is in actuality simply more coded language designed to signal to his base that they are the only “real” Americans, not the foreign immigrants who handle so much of the low-wage labor in this country, not the people of color, not the intelligentsia who criticize his foolish and irrational decisions.

The president’s message is a calculated ploy to the voters in rural America in the “flyover” states which include a healthy percentage of his base and a good number of swing states that could determine the next election in electoral college terms.

By implicitly limiting the definition of a “real” American to his own supporters, Trump is attempting to delegitimize the very right of all other Americans to use that descriptor in his typically divisive fashion.

If Trump does indeed want to devote all of his time to the service of his country, he should come clean about his criminal behavior, resign, and serve that time in federal prison where he belongs. Those of us who are real Americans by virtue of our support for the rule of law and the Constitution could wholeheartedly support that as the president’s next move.

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