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Trump’s Pentagon admits they accidentally sent letter to Iraq agreeing to withdraw troops

Trump’s Pentagon admits they accidentally sent letter to Iraq agreeing to withdraw troops

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The Trump-ordered assassination of Iranian Quds Force leader Qasem Soleimani in Iraq last week is dominating the news cycle, with some suggesting that the killing could ultimately lead to war if Iran retaliates and the White House hits back with further escalation. Such a prospect would be deeply alarming under the best of circumstances and these are far from the best of circumstances. This administration is a complete incompetent mess, with no consistent approach to foreign policy, muddled messaging, and impulsive decisionmaking dictated by the Caligula-like egomaniac in the Oval Office.

Already, Soleimani’s death is having unforeseen consequences. Over the weekend, the Iraqi parliament voted to expel American forces from their country in response to the assassination. Jaw-droppingly, President Trump threatened to levy heavy sanctions on the country in response, proving once again that he is more than willing to bully and turn on the United States’ allies whenever they do something he personally dislikes.

The administration’s rhetoric for the past few days has been an utterly incoherent mess. Earlier today, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper stated that the U.S. is “repositioning forces” throughout Iraq. He also addressed the leak of an unsigned letter from the U.S. Command in Baghdad to the government of Iraq which seemed to indicate that American troops would be withdrawing from the region. Esper seemed confused by the letter and said that it was “inconsistent” with what’s actually going on.

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Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley echoed Esper’s sentiments. He called the letter a “draft,” a “mistake,” and “poorly word” adding that it shouldn’t have been released at all and that withdrawal is “not what’s happening.”

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What actually is happening is still unclear, and the widespread confusion is a clear indication that this administration has no grand strategy. The United States is a rudderless ship under this administration and unless we vote Trump out of office this year our nation will continue to be held hostage to the whims of a madman.

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