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MAGA Rep. Paul Gosar shares obviously fake video of “last phone call” between Hillary and Souleimani

MAGA Rep. Paul Gosar shares obviously fake video of “last phone call” between Hillary and Souleimani

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The startling ascension of Donald Trump, one of the most proudly and unabashedly ignorant men to ever hold higher office in the United States, has been accompanied by the empowerment and emboldening Congress’ most unqualified and gullible members. Apparently a Pied Piper for racist grifters, scumbags, and morons, the #MAGA caucus in Congress has embraced the president’s delusion, paranoia, and prejudice with a disturbing zeal and exposed just how low the quality of our elected officials has become under Trump.

Paul Gosar of Arizona has made a name for himself as one of the most broken-brained men to ever be sworn into Congress by using his Twitter account to share this incredible video purportedly showing a “last phone call” between assassinated Iranian general Qassem Souleimani and Hillary Clinton.

McConnell admitted coordinating impeachment with Trump. Add your name to demand he recuse himself from the trial!

This video is so obviously fake that it’s hard to tell whether or not he’s being serious when he asks whether or not this video is satire…but it’s clear from his follow-up posts on Monday that “verification” is not exactly high on his list of priorities.

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The tweet-happy rep followed up his video by posting a photoshopped picture of President Obama with Iranian President Rouhani superimposed over the man he was actually shaking hands with, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

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When he was called out on it, Gosar argued that “nobody said it wasn’t Photoshopped” in a truly stupefy defense of his promotion of fake news. None of the tweets have since been deleted.

Gosar became a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons last election cycle, when no less than six of his own siblings endorsed his opponent and wrote a public letter arguing why he was unfit to hold office. Arizona’s 4th district somehow still re-elected him with nearly 70% of the vote, so…draw your own conclusions from that.

In a world of rampant fake news, misinformation, and the looming threat posed by hyper-realistic “deepfake” videos, it is deeply disturbing to know that the men in charge of our nation’s government are so easily fooled by videos and images that could have been produced in an eighth-grade IT class — and that they hold so much contempt for the truth that they won’t even try to hide the evidence of their misdeeds.

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