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Trump bewilders nation by tweeting “all is well” and “so far so good” after Iran’s missile strike

Trump bewilders nation by tweeting “all is well” and “so far so good” after Iran’s missile strike

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On Tuesday evening, a series of Iranian missiles slammed into the United States and Iraqi Army’s al-Asad airbase in western Iraq. It appears that the missiles did not target the American side of the base and casualties on the Iraqi side were thankfully light, but the strike represented a terrifying escalation of the growing crisis in the Middle East that was triggered by the Trump administration’s decision to launch airstrikes against an Iraqi militia and the subsequent assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. 

As cellphones buzzed across the country and news alerts informed the public that an airbase in Iraq was attacked, Americans naturally looked to the President for some kind of clarity and with deep trepidation over what the response would be. They would get none, however; the President’s planned address to the nation was abruptly canceled.

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Instead, Trump took to Twitter to tell everyone that everything was cool and he’s going to deal with it in the morning.

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While it is a relief to see that he hasn’t furiously ordered a nuclear strike on Tehran, “all is well” and “so far so good” and “I’m gonna deal with it tomorrow” is not exactly the response that the world really wants to hear, given everything that’s at stake.

What this really is at its heart is a show of absolute cowardice and apathy from a president who has found himself in yet another serious crisis because of impulsive and ill-thought-out decisions that he himself made — and his refusal to take any kind of responsibility for it.

Social media was not impressed with his response:

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