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War hero Tammy Duckworth: my diaper-wearing infant has better impulse control than Trump

War hero Tammy Duckworth: my diaper-wearing infant has better impulse control than Trump

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After Donald Trump made his shakey, slurring, “garbled” — as The Washington Post described it — address to the nation in the aftermath of the weekend’s exchange of hostilities with Iran, Democrats continued to condemn the president for creating the crisis to begin with by ordering his unsanctioned and clearly illegal assassination of Iran’s top general.

Perhaps no other Democratic politician has had the direct experience with Middle East conflict entitling her to criticize the president for his lack of strategic thinking and his impulsive blundering as credibly as Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL).

Duckworth, a former U.S. Army helicopter pilot who was wounded during combat in Iraq and lost both her legs as a result of her injuries, posted a video clip on Twitter and Your Tube with her comments on what she sees as one of the president’s primary flaws as a leader — his malleability by the leaders of “hostile regimes.”

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Decrying the easy manipulation of Trump by “tyrants in Pyongyang and Riyadh” and “despots in Moscow and Ankara” while “our allies laugh — literally laugh at him behind his back,” Senator Duckworth accused the president of being “as easy to control as a toddler.”

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“Sweet talk him or thump your chest, issue a few schoolyard threats and you’ve got him. He’ll fall for it every time,” the combat-hardened veteran observed.

Duckworth identified one of the most flagrant deficiencies in the president’s character and personality by pointing out that Trump acts not out of an ordered process of rational thought and deliberation, but purely on instinct, impulse, and self-interest, using her infant daughter as a point of comparison that was decidedly unfavorable to the president.

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“I wish this weren’t true,” Duckworth lamented, “but my diaper-wearing 20-month-old daughter has better impulse control than this President.”

The Senator referenced the famous incident where Trump stared directly into the sun during a solar eclipse against all scientific and medical advice to exemplify both his stupidity and gullibility before pivoting to a plea to her Republican colleagues to join her and her fellow Democrats in discussing measures to prevent the president from taking further unilateral military action without the constitutionally required congressional approval.

Saying that “Donald Trump will never willingly cut the puppet strings that the likes of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un are using to make him dance,” Senator Duckworth urged a revision of the legislation that Congress passed back in the Bush-era that authorized the use of military force in the region in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“Until then, small time dictators will continue to have access to the world’s most powerful marionette, and we will all suffer the consequences,” Duckworth concluded.

If Trump bothers to reply at all to the Senator’s blistering putdown, the response from a bone-spur-claiming draft dodger to a certified war hero will likely lack credibility with anyone beyond the president’s base of unquestioning supporters.

With Senator Duckworth managing to capture the very essence of Donald Trump’s unsuitability for office in a few short words, let’s hope that her Senate colleagues have the wisdom to heed her call and limit the further damage that this toddler-in-chief can do in a fit of impulsiveness.

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