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Ilhan Omar fires back after cruel Republicans mock her childhood war refugee trauma

Ilhan Omar fires back after cruel Republicans mock her childhood war refugee trauma

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The casual inhumanity and racist cruelty of modern Republicans was put on full display this week when Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana decided to bully his fellow Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MI) for publicly stating that the crisis in Iran had triggered her post-traumatic stress disorder.

Incapable of feeling any empathy for a Muslim woman of color and determined to erase her suffering for a cheap bit of asinine “but what about muh troooops” wankery, Banks told her she was “a disgrace” and said that it was offensive to our veterans that a woman who grew up in a warzone and spent her formative years in a refugee camp might have some residual trauma.

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Banks was immediately joined by right-wing white supremacist media jackal Laura Ingraham, who mocked her pain and piled on with wildly racist (and false) accusations that Omar supported terrorists.

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For Republicans to try to discredit a war survivor’s PTSD in ostensible defense of “our veterans” makes it clear once again that our veterans and their suffering mean absolutely nothing to them but a convenient pawn for them to trot out and use like a political hood to disguise their racism and their monstrous lack of empathy.

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It is impossible for most Americans to conceive of what millions of people like Ilhan Omar had to go through as a child, and it is beyond repulsive to see our elected officials responding to efforts to talk about mental trauma this way.

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Unfazed, Ilhan Omar and other Democrats were quick to fire back, calling out Ingraham and Banks for their appalling smears and putting them in their place.

They were even joined by war veterans who spoke out in her defense and in defense of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who suffer from PTSD.


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