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New book alleges Trump was unable to read the Constitution aloud: “it’s like a foreign language”

New book alleges Trump was unable to read the Constitution aloud: “it’s like a foreign language”

Given the sizeable number of insider “tell-all” books that have already been written by both journalists and former members of the Trump administration, one would think that there were few shocking anecdotes left to reveal to the public.

This administration, however, seems to be an endless font of new and extremely embarrassing stories about the level of incompetence and idiocy possessed by the current occupant of the White House.

In their new book,  A Very Stable Genius, Washington Post reporters Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig have compiled a cornucopia of evidence of the irony of their tome’s title, garnered from extensive interviews with over 200 different sources, complete with documentary evidence of the validity of their reporting.

Among the numerous devastating and barely conceivable anecdotes concerning the shortcomings of the man elected by a minority of misguided voters to the nation’s highest office is one incriminating tale that — if it contains even a shred of veracity — should prove to all how unqualified Donald Trump is for the role he was allowed to assume.

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The story concerns Trump’s participation soon after his inauguration in an HBO documentary featuring all the living presidents, along with a select group of jurists and legislators, reading aloud from the Constitution that they have all sworn to uphold in their oaths of office.

According to Rucker and Leonnig’s reporting, the current president did not have an easy time of what most literate Americans past the eighth grade could do without trouble.

As one might expect, Trump struggled to read the archaic prose of the nation’s founding document, stumbling over the words in front of him and blaming others around him for his own mistakes. While sophisticated eloquence was never a distinguishing quality of this particular president, it’s worth pointing out that Trump was asked to read a section of the Constitution — presumably from a teleprompter — not to recite it from memory.

“It’s like a foreign language,” Trump moaned, the book reveals.

One might understand if the president had difficulty reciting text from a dense medical textbook or scientific journal littered with technical jargon, but this was the document that he swore to “preserve, protect and defend” in his oath of office.

That he could barely read the document, much less understand what he was swearing to “faithfully execute,” explains much of his subsequent conduct in office and clearly demonstrates his lack of qualifications for the job he’s performed so disastrously.

One can only hope that enough Republican senators ponder this incident and its implications before they decide upon how they will vote in his upcoming impeachment trial.

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Original reporting by Travis Gettys at RawStory.

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