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LSU players grow visibly uncomfortable as Trump turns championship visit into cursing rant

LSU players grow visibly uncomfortable as Trump turns championship visit into cursing rant

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It used to be the case that an invitation to the White House was an honor with few comparisons. Regardless of which political party held the Oval Office, most Americans had respect for the presidency and jumped at the chance to visit 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue. Donald Trump has changed that completely.

For reasonable, moral Americans, it’s difficult or even impossible to swallow one’s partisan leanings to gladhand and take photos with a man who brags about sexually assaults women, locks children in cages, and wages rhetorical war against entire minorities. If  Trump doesn’t even respect the office of the presidency, how can he expect the rest of us to?

Today, the Lousiana State University Tigers visited the White House to celebrate their recent coronation as the champions of the national College Football Playoff. The victorious players stood wordlessly behind the president as he ranted and raved, making the event about himself as usual. He bragged about how good a president he is and joked about how the Democrats are “trying to impeach the son of a bitch,” weirdly referring to himself in the third person as he’s often wont to do.

It’s an almost pointless comparison at this point, but one can only imagine the kind of meltdown Fox News would have had if President Obama had been caught swearing on camera at some public event. In every way, at every turn, Donald Trump demeans the office of the president.

Add your name to tell McConnell to allow impeachment witnesses. We demand Trump get a fair trial!

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Trump went on to say that he “took out those terrorists” and that the football team could have “taken out those terrorists.” It was a bizarre performance from a deeply diseased mind, but the most interesting part wasn’t Trump himself, but the players subjected to his lunacy. While some players laughed along with the president, a few stood there silently, clearly uncomfortable with Trump and refusing to tacitly endorse his rhetoric with so much as a smile. They looked like they’d rather be just about anywhere else in the world, and who can blame them?

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