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New York Times op-ed section publishes article by senior fellow at extremist hate group

New York Times op-ed section publishes article by senior fellow at extremist hate group

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Something extremely disturbing is going on at the New York Times. While the journalists at the paper continue to churn out ground-breaking news stories with their customary accuracy and diligence, the opinion board is churning out right-wing propaganda at an alarming rate — and now they’re even publishing hate groups.

Yesterday, the Times opinion section published an article entitled “I’m a Liberal Who Thinks Immigration Must Be Restricted,” by Jerry Kramer. The article attempts to justify Trumpian anti-immigration from the “pro-labor left,” duplicitously arguing that the shipping off of American jobs overseas and the use of illegal immigrant labor by monstrously greedy corporations are the fault of the refugees fleeing violence and chaos in their home countries.

Of course, it’s nothing but white supremacist garbage dressed up in a union jacket. Jerry Kramer is a senior fellow at the “Center for Immigration Studies,” which has been classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-immigrant hate group.

Founded in 1985, the anti-immigration think tank is notorious for promoting white nationalist and anti-Semitic content over 2,000 times and for publishing race scientist Jason Richwine, who earned himself the unenviable distinction of being too racist for the Heritage Foundation.

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This is the second time in as many months that the New York Times op-ed board has decided to publish white nationalist race science. In late December, bedbug enthusiast and insufferable nitwit Bret Stephens published a bizarre column on the intellectual superiority of Jewish people based on a widely debunked paper by Henry Harpending, who the SPLC has classified as a white nationalist.

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Of course, Bret Stephens deserves that moniker himself, since he regularly repackages white supremacist ideas into forms more palatable for the NYT’s liberal readers. If you needed any more proof, he’s referred to Palestinians as “psychotic,” defended Tucker Carlson for saying Iraqis were “semi-literate primitive monkeys,” and smeared Arabs for having a “diseased mind.”

In one of his more particularly repulsive columns, he complained about candidates speaking Spanish at the Democratic debate and used it as an excuse to promote white supremacist narratives about how Democrats are more concerned with caring for Hispanic immigrants than they are for the rest of America.

While the New York Times’ reporting is still among the finest in the world, serious questions need to be put to opinion editor James Bennet and the owners of the paper itself as to why their op-ed section often looks more like Breitbart than it does Mother Jones.

 A diversity of opinion is all well and good, but lines need to be drawn when it comes to promoting racism and white supremacy in the pages of the nation’s premier newspaper.

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