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Pelosi pen madness: Trumpsters’ lies about House Speakers’ impeachment souvenirs are exposed

Pelosi pen madness: Trumpsters’ lies about House Speakers’ impeachment souvenirs are exposed

When the truth about Donald Trump’s impeachment hurts too much, some of the president’s supporters simply resort to the same tactics that Trump himself regularly employs and go to social media to spread lies about his truth-telling, tormenting Democratic opponents.

The latest falsehood being promulgated by the MAGA-hatted crowd on Facebook and other platforms of mass deception concerns the souvenir pens being handed out by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) after she signed the historic articles of impeachment against the orange-hued desecrator of the office of the president.

According to Politifact — the organization that has partnered with Facebook to check the truthfulness of political claims made on its platform (unless, of course, its a paid political advertisement in question) — a since-deleted post made last Thursday insisted that the pens that Speaker Pelosi was distributing as keepsakes to folks eager for a memento of this auspicious event coast a whopping $2,025 apiece.

“$2,025 per pen,” the now-removed post begins. “Paid for by taxpayers. Is there any doubt Pelosi thinks she’s the Queen? Now we know why she delayed sending the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate… she was waiting for her gold-plated impeachment pens,” Politifact reports that the Facebook page once read.

The ludicrous claim was shot own when Politifact contacted Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff who informed the fact-checkers that the true cost of the souvenir pens was actually under $15 each.

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The unidentified Trump supporter who posted the phony allegations about the price of the pens was likely inspired by a Twitter post by White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham who — since she has yet to hold since taking over her job a single daily press briefing that until her tenure was the very raison d’être of her position — seems to have plenty of time to send malicious tweets about the president’s opposition.

Grisham seems to have forgotten that, as Politifact points out, “Republican senators kept pens as souvenirs after signing oaths for then-President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial in 1998.”

While Grisham at least didn’t lie about the cost of the pens handed out by Pelosi, leaving that deception to be promoted by others, her continuing to collect a government salary despite failing to accomplish the most basic requirements of her job was archly noted by commentators on her post.

The Republican -induced controversy over Speaker Pelosi’s souvenir pens demonstrates just how desperate the president’s supporters are to direct attention away from the substance of the impeachment charges against him, particularly at a time when new incriminating evidence seems to emerge daily.

Suffice it to say that even a “Pants On Fire” rating for the claims about the costs of Pelosi’s impeachment pens won’t stop Trump’s deluded base from continuing to accept the lies being spun by this administration and the political party propping it up.

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Original reporting by Ciara O’Rourke at Politifact.

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