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Twitter tears into Trump after he trashes a “sea wall” as “costly and foolish”

Twitter tears into Trump after he trashes a “sea wall” as “costly and foolish”

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Somehow Donald Trump fails to see the ironic differences in his opinions of the massively expensive, unnecessary, and ineffective border wall he’s been attempting to build ever since he assumed the presidency and the proposed sea wall that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is examining as an option to protect New York City from the increasingly frequent climate-emergency-induced superstorms that could wreak havoc on the same areas devastated by superstorm Sandy in 2012.

The sea wall being studied would be a series of man-made islands with retractable gates stretching from the Rockaways in Trump’s home borough of Queens to a strip of land in New Jersey south of Staten Island that could prevent a surge of seawater from flooding some of the country’s most expensive real estate if it indeed works as proposed.

The idea is based on technology pioneered by the Netherlands to prevent flooding in that notoriously low-lying nation but is controversial because of the environmental changes it caused in the ecologies of estuaries and marshlands there.

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Trump weighed in on the idea on Twitter, and — likely since the idea did not originate in his own cranium and wouldn’t do anything to prevent non-white immigrants from entering the country — his reaction was not positive, to say the least.

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Perhaps, the president’s distaste for the new proposal comes from the fact that its budget would dwarf the nearly $60 billion that his beloved border wall would cost, and he can’t pretend that Mexico will pay for it.

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Still, Trump has never asked the residents living along the Southern border to fend for themselves in the face of the less tangible danger he claims the porousness of the demarcation of the line of nationality presents.

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Twitter readers did not fail to notice the difference in the president’s attitudes towards a wall not rooted on dry land.

Suffice it to say that sprinkled amongst the snarky replies to the president’s hypocritical assessment of the sea wall was a bevy of climate-change-denying Trump supporters who hilariously urged the “libtards” to quit believing “Fake News” and “educate” themselves. At least they didn’t spell it “edumacate,” but they may as well have.

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