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Trump lashes out at “stone cold losers” at Washington Post in furious outburst over new book

Trump lashes out at “stone cold losers” at Washington Post in furious outburst over new book

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Our embarrassingly petty commander-in-chief is incensed over a new book from two Washington Post reporters detailing the chaotic reality of the 45th president’s administration from the inside. A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of America by Phillip Rucker and Carol Leonnig aims to give the clearest portrait yet of what Donald Trump is really like inside the White House and he’s not taking kindly to it.

One of the juicier excerpts to emerge from the book alleges that Trump berated a group of generals by calling them a “bunch of dopes and babies” because they had the gall to try to educate him on the basics of the post-WWII world order. Reportedly, he got so worked up that his breathing became irregular as he spiraled into a rage. Complimentary, this book is clearly not.

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Over the weekend, he lashed out on Twitter about the “Fake Book” and called Rucker and Leonnig “third rate Washington Post reporters.” He incorrectly stated that the book has “already proven to be inaccurately reported” and as usual failed to specify what exactly was inaccurate or offer any proof for his claim. He’s gotten so lazy with his defenses now that he just shrieks “fake” and makes no effort to actually back it up. He knows his unhinged fans will believe anything he says and will ignore any news story that cast him in an unflattering light.

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Two days later, he’s still thinking about the book. He retweeted his own insulting tweet and this time referred to the reporters as “stone cold losers from Amazon WP.” He further alleged that “every story in the book is a “made up lie.” Those of us not suffering from MAGA-brain know that it’s very unlikely the book’s anecdotes are untrue. Both of these writers are Pulitzer Prize winners with long track records steeped in credibility and honest reporting. Trump, on the other hand, is a pathological liar.

For some reason, Trump also decided to drag House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) into his little feud. Trump reiterated his claim that Schiff “fraudulently made up” his call with Ukraine. Schiff did no such thing. The chairman recounted the content of the call and broke down the subtext, explaining how Trump tried to coerce the Ukrainian president into opening a sham investigation into Joe Biden. Schiff didn’t lie at any point, he just properly explained the implications of what Trump said in such a way as to make it more easily understood by voters.

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Whether or not this is the last time Trump whines about this particular book remains to be seen, but his agitated response to it is a strong argument to go out and purchase it.

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