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Adam Schiff accuses McConnell of rigging Trump’s impeachment trial

Adam Schiff accuses McConnell of rigging Trump’s impeachment trial

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There is little doubt at this point that the Republicans, under the leadership of arch-partisan hack Mitch McConnell, intend to hold little more than a sham impeachment trial for President Trump. The GOP controls the Senate and the GOP cares for little beyond maintaining its own power. For most Republican senators, maintaining the goodwill of the MAGA movement to ensure reelection down the road is infinitely more important than holding Trump responsible for his flagrant abuses of power. In the end, they will almost certainly all vote to put party above country yet again. The Senate Majority Leader has gone so far as to admit that he intends to coordinate with the White House to ensure a speedy impeachment trial.

Democrats have been fighting this overt corruption as best they can. Speaker Pelosi held off on sending the articles of impeachment, which forced the news coverage and broader political discourse to focus on McConnell’s scheme and his refusal to agree to permit new witnesses. Now, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff is slamming McConnell for trying to set up a “rigged” impeachment trial. As one of the impeachment managers chosen by Democrats, his opinion on the matter is particularly germane.

According to The Hill, Schiff has a specific problem with a section in the impeachment rules resolution that might end up making the trial extend late into the night. It would allow impeachment managers only 24 hours to make their case spread out over a paltry two days. In other words, the managers would be rushing to fit all of their arguments into a very condensed window. The Senate looks likely to pass the rules resolution as-is later today with Republicans leveraging their majority to get rules advantageous to Trump.

Add your name to tell McConnell to allow impeachment witnesses. We demand Trump get a fair trial!

After slamming McConnell for his handling of the witnesses and his plot to ensure that evidence collected by the House’s impeachment inquiry must be voted on being admitted into the Senate trial rather than being admitted automatically, Schiff brought up the proposed time frame.

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“And finally they are compressing the time of the trial. Whereas the Clinton trial managers had six hours a day to present over the course of days, they are now presenting that we double the amount of time each day so that the proceedings can conceivably go well into the night when apparently Senator McConnell hopes the American people will not be watching. This is not a process for a fair trial. This is the process for a rigged trial,” said Schiff.
Schiff is absolutely correct. Never has it been more clear how little McConnell cares about maintaining a healthy democracy in which the powerful are held accountable. The Senate Majority leader is a cynical opportunist and powermonger who will idly stand by as men like Trump grind our institutions down to their foundations. He is an active threat to our Republic and the people of his state would be doing their nation a great service by voting him out of office.
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