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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace: If I were Trump I would be not be happy with my trial lawyers

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace: If I were Trump I would be not be happy with my trial lawyers

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The impeachment of President Donald J. Trump is poised to be the trial of the century. The most incompetent, corrupt president in American history was caught red-handed trying to abuse the vast powers of the Oval Office to strongarm a foreign country into damaging a 2020 rival’s election chance and Congress has the opportunity and means to hold him accountable.

In a sane political system, there would be no question that he would be removed from office by the Senate. Unfortunately for the United States and the broader world, the Senate is controlled by a political party that has allowed itself to rot from the inside out for decades. Far too many Republicans could not care less about the rule of law or even democracy itself. To them, keeping Trump in the White House and his MAGA followers placated is the only thing that matters.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell intends to hold a farce of a trial by limiting witnesses and evidence, coordinating directly with the Trump administration, and rushing through an acquittal as quickly as possible. History will remember this saga as one of the worst incidents of partisan villainy to ever stain the halls of Capitol Hill.

Add your name to tell McConnell to allow impeachment witnesses. We demand Trump get a fair trial!

While Fox News is shilling for the president as usual and working hard to spin the impeachment as an underhanded Democratic plot, some dissenting voices remain. Chris Wallace, who hasn’t be afraid to level harsh criticism at Trump in the past, is now taking aim at the president’s lawyers and said it’s “mistake” for them to argue against admitting new evidence. Democrats wanted to include a provision allowing new witnesses and documents in the rules resolution but Republicans blocked it, claiming that such matters could be voted on separately later.

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“I think that’s pretty smart on the part of the Democrats. They are taking this time to, in effect, make their opening argument, to make the case against the president, to make the case for why the Senate needs to hear from more witnesses, more evidence, and I think to some degree that the White House lawyers are making a mistake. They are basically saying there’s nothing to see here, all of this is bogus while the House managers are taking every second of their one hour to make whatever case they want to make,” observed Wallace, drawing a sharp contrast between the competence of the Democrats and the bad faith obfuscations of Trump’s surrogates.

“I’d be very curious to see what the White House lawyers use. My bet is it wasn’t even half an hour. And this is being watched by millions of people on the three cable channels. I don’t know why you wouldn’t take the time and every second you have to make an argument on behalf of the president. If I were the President watching this I would not be especially pleased,” Wallace added.

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Hopefully, Wallace’s assessment correct and the American people see what’s really going on here: this administration is so confident in its insulation from consequences that it’s barely even bothering to try to prove Trump’s innocence. His lawyers are going through the motions knowing Republicans will vote in favor of the president in the end. Luckily, even if he’s acquitted for this impeachment the 2020 election is right around the corner and voters, after seeing this joke of a trial, will be given the chance to kick Trump to the curb.

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