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George Conway taunts Senate Republicans for blocking evidence: “What are you afraid of?”

George Conway taunts Senate Republicans for blocking evidence: “What are you afraid of?”

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The Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is officially underway and it’s already been made abundantly clear that Republicans under the beady eye of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have no intention of holding anything even resembling a fair trial. They intend to rush through this process as quickly as possible by closing ranks around the president and acquitting him. McConnell previously announced his intention to coordinate closely with the White House throughout the process.

George Conway, an outspoken critic of Trump and the husband of the president’s right-hand woman Kellyanne Conway, has now weighed in on the GOP’s impeachment behavior. He took particular issue with the way Republicans—who have a majority in the Senate and thus controlled how the impeachment rule resolution was shaped—are handling evidence.

In a clear sign that they have little interest in uncovering the truth of Trump’s alleged crimes, they voted in rules that rejected Democrats’ demand for the allowing of new witnesses and documents related to Ukraine to be admitted into the trial. McConnell said such admissions could be voted on, later at the “appropriate time,” but there is no legitimate reason why such measures couldn’t have been part of the rules resolution. Republicans don’t want to commit to new materials because they don’t want more damaging information about their glorious leader coming to light.

Add your name to tell McConnell to allow impeachment witnesses. We demand Trump get a fair trial!

Conway excoriated the Republican senators, stating that they know Trump is guilty and that it looks like they don’t want to allow in evidence that will prove that very fact.

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“What are they afraid of? They going to hear evidence they won’t like? That’s the thing that I find most disturbing about it, is they don’t want to hear the evidence because they know the truth,” said Conway during a CNN appearance. They know he’s guilty. And they don’t want to hear the evidence because they don’t want the American public to see it too,” he went on.

It’s unlikely Conway’s words alone will be enough to convince the collectively spineless GOP to straighten up and do what’s right. These senators are more worried about alienating MAGA voters than upholding the foundations of our democracy. That said, the more men like Conway speak up about what’s going on, the more the American people will realize Republicans are holding nothing more than a sham trial.

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