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Democrats sound alarm after seeing Trump team hide evidence by abusing classification rules

Democrats sound alarm after seeing Trump team hide evidence by abusing classification rules

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The Trump administration and their cronies in the Justice Department have been pulling out all the stops in their efforts to make sure that the damning evidence implicating the President in the scheme to use international aid to bully Ukraine into opening sham probes into the Biden family never reach the public.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) sounded the alarm on Thursday morning after an intelligence briefing in which he was given the opportunity to examine a supposedly “classified” document detailing a September 18th call between Vice-President Mike Pence and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The document has been submitted to the Senate but the White House refuses to lift the “classified” designation, meaning it cannot be shared with the public.

What he saw, however, was nothing of the sort.

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The role that Vice-President Mike Pence played in the Ukraine scandal is of utmost importance because he is set to take the presidency after Trump if the impeachment is successful — and he should not be eligible to do so if he actively participated in the same crimes that Trump is accused of.

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Taking advantage of the tremendous and frankly excessive power wielded by the executive branch, the Trump team has turned the legal mechanisms meant to protect our national security and intelligence apparatus into an unwitting accomplice of his criminal schemes.

Not only is it a callous show of disrespect to all the lives that are kept safe by the classified information designation, it represents yet another effort to obstruct justice and keep Congress from getting the information it needs. It is yet another example of how the Trump administration is weaponizing every aspect of government to serve the personal agenda of Donald Trump and how important it is we run him from office one way or another. The people deserve to see all the evidence and the opportunity to make this decision for themselves.

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