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Senator Burr hands out “fidget spinner” toys during impeachment hearing to keep bored Republicans amused

Senator Burr hands out “fidget spinner” toys during impeachment hearing to keep bored Republicans amused

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Throughout the monumentally important impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump, his Republican sycophants in the Senate have been behaving like spoiled children. They’re falling asleep in their chairs, getting distracted and wandering off, and endlessly complaining about how unfair and boring the whole process is.

The comparison was made even more acute this afternoon when Sen. Richard Burr of Virginia began handing out fidget spinners to his colleagues to help keep them entertained during the long hours of debate that they have no interest in paying attention to, the opening of a trial whose conclusion they have already predetermined. His colleagues followed suit in the childish behavior; Rand Paul (R-KY) began drawing a pretty picture while Sen. Blackburn (R-TN) read a nice little storybook.

They then had — not making this up — hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch with ice cream for dessert!

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Add your name to tell McConnell to allow impeachment witnesses. We demand Trump get a fair trial!

While we realize that it is sometimes difficult to sit listening to hearings for eight hours a day, they are being paid almost $200,000 in taxpayer dollars a year to do so — a year in which they have to “work” only for 160 or so days.

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It is beyond infuriating to see the men and women who have been charged with governing this nation behaving like toddlers in a daycare center out of petulance and spite.

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By refusing to hold anything resembling a fair trial and then having the nerve to complain about it while behaving in such a manner they are metaphorically wetting themselves on the Constitution and daring their voters to do something about it, safe and secure in their gerrymandered high chairs.

We must make them pay for this in November.

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