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Trump tries to argue that Obama did the same thing he did to Ukraine in Twitter rant

Trump tries to argue that Obama did the same thing he did to Ukraine in Twitter rant

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The impeachment of President Trump is underway and regardless of how the trial in the Republican-controlled Senate turns out, this process was the right thing to do. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt—having seen the transcripts of the phone call—that Trump tried to exploit his vast powers as president to force the Ukrainian president to open a sham investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter in the hopes of sabotaging the former vice president’s 2020 prospects.

Ahead of that infamous call, Trump ordered the freezing of almost $400 million in military aid to Ukraine, which was and still is fighting off Russian aggression. It represented a stunning betrayal of both a close ally and of his oath of office and one struggles to imagine a more impeachable offense. Donald Trump put his own personal interests over those of the United States, and in the process cemented his ignominious legacy.

For his part, Trump insists he did nothing wrong and that the Ukraine call was in fact “perfect.” Today, he took to Twitter to slam the “Democrats” and impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), referring to him as “Shifty Schiff.” He claimed their presentations so far (which were eloquent, excellently delivered, and honest) were in fact “lies and misrepresentations.”

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The president whined that Democrats are “refusing to state” that the Obama White House withheld aid to numerous countries. It was a pathetic outburst even by Trumpian standards, and a reminder that the first black president who he despises is constantly on his mind.

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The crucial, unassailable difference between Obama and Trump on this issue is that Obama never blocked aid in the hopes of using a blockage as leverage for personal gain. Like all real presidents, Obama used the giving and freezing of aid as a diplomatic tool to forward the interests of the United States.

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The former president understood his responsibilities and the seriousness of his oath. Unlike the current crooked occupant, Obama saw the Oval Office as something sacred rather than just a means for accumulating wealth and power. There is simply no comparison between these two men or their actions. Perhaps most infuriatingly for Trump, Obama didn’t have to cheat to win reelection.


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