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A Republican Senator melts down on live TV after Jake Tapper demands he justify his Trump defense

A Republican Senator melts down on live TV after Jake Tapper demands he justify his Trump defense

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The president’s minions have been having a very difficult time orchestrating a defense of the indefensible, preferring instead to simply deny, obfuscate and deflect when faced with uncomfortable questions about the president’s misdeeds — and when that doesn’t work, there’s always the meltdown to fall back on!

Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma joined Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper on CNN to discuss the impeachment trial and tried to make the laughable argument that the president was “concerned” about corruption in Ukraine, which Trump claims is why he was trying to investigate the Bidens.

But when the hosts pressed him to give one single example of Trump ever expressing any concern about corruption in Ukraine, Lankford began complaining that he was being unfairly “put on the spot.”

One would think that with this being such an important part of the president’s defense, he’d be able to rattle off several instances — but of course, like a lazy schoolboy who hasn’t done his homework, he freaked out when he realized that on this network, they were actually going to ask for receipts.

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As Democrats have persuasively argued over the past two days, if President Trump was really concerned about corruption in Ukraine, why didn’t he do anything about it until a 2020 election rival began beating him in the polls? Of course, all the major Democratic candidates are currently beating Trump in head-to-head polls, but the ethically questionable decision to allow his son to take a cushy $50,000 a year job on a Ukrainian energy company opened a lane of attack that Trump was quick to exploit.

In doing so, Trump has committed an astonishing slew of crimes for which there is no defense — and the fear and indignance on Lankford’s face proves that he knows it too.


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