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MLK’s daughter burns Eric Trump after he says no family in history has been harassed more than his

MLK’s daughter burns Eric Trump after he says no family in history has been harassed more than his

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The Trump family’s preposterous victim complex reared its pathetic head again on Wednesday when Eric Trump—the less competent of the president’s comically incompetent older sons—took to Twitter to absurdly proclaim that his family has been targeted by more “coordinated political harassment and retaliation” than anyone else in American history.

He went on to say that this imagined persecution is “disgusting” and that it somehow “validates why” his father was elected. “it is so transparent and America isn’t fooled,” he concluded.

The confusing syntax and weird phrasing are to be expected from a bargain-basement intellect such as Eric Trump but they make it slightly difficult to parse what exactly he was getting at beyond the obvious woe-is-me-and-mine shtick. It appears he was trying to tale an oblique albeit muddled shot at the media.

Saying that anger at the “fake news media” was what motivated the MAGA movement conveniently ignores all of the xenophobia and racism that fueled it and propelled an avowed bigot and sexual predator into the White House.

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Trump and his crooked children are not the victims and never have been. The only real victims here are those people dehumanized and harmed by President Trump’s draconian policies.

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Bernice King, daughter of the late Martin Luther King Jr., wasn’t impressed by Eric Trump’s self-aggrandizing tweet and earlier today responded to it with a photo of her father looking exasperated.

Not only was it funny, it threw into perfect relief just how silly Eric’s claim really was. The Trumps are not being harassed but they’re especially not being harrassed when one compares their situation to the treatment inflicted on MLK, a Civil Rights hero who was literally assassinated. Even before that tragic event, the FBI surveilled him, hounded him, and even sent him a letter telling him to kill himself.

The worst thing Donald Trump has faced as president is some incredibly tame media criticism aimed at honestly pointing out what an unmitigated disaster his presidency has proven to be.

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