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Trump tweets photoshopped image of Obama spying on him at Trump Tower

Trump tweets photoshopped image of Obama spying on him at Trump Tower

Donald Trump is a man painfully defined by his inadequacies. On some level, he knows that his presidency will go down as a cruel joke played on the country when compared to the legacy of his historic predecessor. On top of that, he’s a raging racist so the idea of a Black man being his superior in every sense drives him absolutely crazy. It’s why he can’t help bringing up President Obama even after three years into his tenure. He is deeply consumed by him.

With that perverse psychology in mind, today’s tweet—which he decided to pin at the top of his Twitter profile—is particularly pathetic. Trump shared a meme of himself standing in his ugly, gaudy apartment with Obama suction cupped to the window, looking in with binoculars (yes, that’s a real sentence that can be written in 2020).

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Perhaps the image is supposed to imply that Obama is jealous of Trump, a projection of Trump’s own obsession with Obama. But the idea of Obama being envious of Trump—who is currently being impeached—is as ludicrous as the idea of someone using binoculars to see something that’s four feet away. It reeks of insecurity, which by now most people should recognize as the animating force for Donald Trump.

The image could also be a reference to Trump’s repeated, debunked conspiratorial claims that Obama spied on his campaign. Regardless of the intent behind him posting it, it goes without saying that this is a debasement of the presidency. This is the kind of undignified trolling one might expect from a child, not the man entrusted with overseeing our nuclear arsenal. Donald Trump needs to be voted out of office this year, then he will be free to waste his time all day if he likes.

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