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Trump Saturday tweet roundup: Rage against his impeachment trial dominates the president’s brain

Trump Saturday tweet roundup: Rage against his impeachment trial dominates the president’s brain

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If only Donald Trump’s legal arguments in the impeachment trial being conducted currently in the Senate were as strong as his impulse to tweet repeatedly about his supposed victimization, he perhaps would not have to rely on continuing to engage in the ongoing obstruction of Congress — one of the very charges that he is being impeached over — to prevent the overwhelming evidence of his guilt to be completely revealed and therefore eliminating the possibility of Republican Senators acquitting him without substantial political repercussions.

After setting a new personal best record earlier this week for the most tweets and retweets in a single day since becoming president with over 140 posts, Trump continued his frenzied social media activities this morning.

Unsurprisingly, his posts were primarily about the unfairness that he believes that his impeachment trial represents, with a rash of retweets of posts by his most vociferous defenders in Congress and the right-wing media interspersed with the occasional Trump original.

The content all was designed to promulgate the same false message that the president has been seemingly attempting to spin since the first investigations into the criminality of his behavior began — that Democratic efforts to remove him from office are a politically motivated witch hunt rather than a response to an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of presidential privilege and power for personal political gain.

Perhaps Trump’s most blatant attempt at shaping the public view of an impeachment trial that has proven remarkably effective at convincing a majority of Americans that he needs to be removed from office was his bid to convince the American people not to view the proceedings through the unbiased feed provided by C-SPAN and instead watch the coverage from the media outlets that will spin their interpretations of the trial details in a manner favorable to himself.

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Trump ludicrously frames his own impeachment trial as a tribunal against his Democratic opposition towards whom he lobs insults like a mindless ape throwing feces around his cage — a cage similar to that in which Trump himself will soon be relegated.

Granted, the president does mention two news networks not known for their continuous kowtowing to his barrage of mendacity when promoting the viewing of his defense lawyers’ presentation in his trial.

However, his inclusion of the appellation “Fake News” before the names of both CNN and his disparaging mashup of MSNBC’s name with the Democratic National Committee demonstrates the contempt with which he regards news organizations that dare to report the truth about his unlawful behavior and Democratic legislators’ attempts to hold him accountable for it.

Trump went on to insult the intelligence of anyone who has been watching the Democratic House impeachment managers’ masterful presentation of the case against him, defending himself in the most inartful and self-pitying denial of reality possible.

Any fair-minded person reading Trump’s tweet today would be able to see how he uses his claims of persecution as a cudgel against the plain facts that the Democrats meticulously presented.

Only someone as simple-minded as Trump himself would believe that his refusal to allow witnesses or documents that would reinforce the already substantial evidence of his guilt is not, in fact, simply more evidence of his intent to obstruct Congress —  one of the two impeachment charges for which he is being tried.

Since Trump sent the last tweet above, he’s retweeted an additional 35 posts from the likes of his most slavish rump-puckerers such as Fox News’s Lou Dobbs and Greg Jarrett, right-wing talk show host Mark Levin, and GOP legislators including Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) and Congressmen Mark Meadows (R-NC), Jim Jordan (R-OH), Steve Scalise (R-LA), and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

If he keeps this social media posting pace up throughout the rest of the day, Donald Trump could easily breeze through the record he set just days ago.

His tweeted protestations, however, will not affect the reality of his guilt of the charges for which he is being impeached one iota. They will help future historians, nonetheless, as they attempt to understand how a disgraced American president tried to avoid accountability for actions that nearly destroyed our democracy.

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