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Trump’s furious tweet accused of implying mob-boss-style threat against Adam Schiff

Trump’s furious tweet accused of implying mob-boss-style threat against Adam Schiff

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With Donald Trump seemingly auditioning for a role in the next Martin Scorsese wise guy opus as a vengeful mob boss — as the recently leaked video of the president ordering his minions to “take her out!” (referring to former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch) suggests — Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), the head of the House impeachment managers, might want to hire some heavy-duty private security for his protection.

Trump has made his antipathy towards the congressman quite clear in his Twitter posts over the course of his presidency, but this morning he crossed a line with a series of tweets that included what many observers were interpreting as a veiled threat against Schiff that could inspire the president’s more deranged supporters to attempt to resort to the same type of violence that Trump’s Mafia-kingpin-like command to remove his inconveniently obstructing ambassador insinuated.

Beginning with an inversion of the very accusations that have cast a cloud on his presidency since the beginning, Trump describes “The Impeachment Hoax” as exactly the type of “massive election interference” that his own election benefited from thanks to the aid of the Kremlin hackers.

Unlike the legal analysts who watched his defense team open their rebuttal to the case for Trump’s removal and judged it as “constitutional nonsense” that “actually made Democrats’ rationale for calling more witnesses even stronger, ” the president claims that his lawyers have already exonerated him and fell back on his claims that Schiff’s parodic rendition of his “perfect” phone call was illegal.

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Trump’s next tweet, however, is the height of projection.

Trump goes on to describe Schiff in exactly the terms that any sentient human following the details of the case against the president and his everyday behavior would use to portray Trump himself.

It’s almost as if the president is reading the comments section of his own Twitter posts and simply copying and pasting Adam Schiff’s name into the angry retorts that the Trump resistance is sending his way and reposting them as his own original thoughts.

The statement that the House Intelligence Committee Chairman “has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our country” (emphasis added) is what has led to claims that Trump is attempting to intimidate Schiff with implied threats of retribution and potential violence for his daring to expose the president’s criminal actions for all the world to witness.

Trump’s tweet immediately inspired outrage on social media.

Trump’s desperation is palpable.

As too much of the American public sits on the sidelines watching the impeachment trial with vague cynicism — knowing that Republican corruption and lust for continued power will lead to a sham trial without witnesses being called and a foregone acquittal despite the overpowering evidence of the president’s guilt — and expressing outrage on Twitter, Trump continues to try to gaslight the nation.

Democratic Senators are expressing dismay that they haven’t been getting more phone calls imploring them to convict Trump and remove him from office. Get off your butts and call your senators right now! How much more of this can we stand?

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