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Florida A.G. who accepted illegal $25k gift from Trump scolds Bidens on “corruption” in trial

Florida A.G. who accepted illegal $25k gift from Trump scolds Bidens on “corruption” in trial

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As if the past week of impeachment hearings hadn’t seen enough surreal and astonishing defenses of the president by his sycophantic GOP supporters, Monday saw the very concept of irony murdered by hypocrisy on the floor of the Senate.

No other words can possibly describe how wild it was to watch one of the most infamously corrupt prosecutors in American history attempt to lecture the nation about the corruption of the Biden family in defense of the President whose children have made $81 million while working in the White House.

Ex-Florida attorney general turned Trump legal team member Pam Bondi took to the Senate floor to regurgitate tired and long-debunked conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden and his admittedly ethically questionable job at Ukranian natural gas company Burisma.

Yes, the very same Pam Bondi who personally solicited an illegal $25,000 bribe for one her political support groups from the  Trump Foundation in exchange for shutting down an investigation into the Trump University real estate “training program” scam.

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After two major class-action lawsuits, the president later had to pay a $25 million settlement to the swindled victims of Trump University, and the Trump Foundation itself was later banned from ever making “charitable” donations again.

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Who will be following up her defense in the Trump trial tonight? Oh, none other than Alan Dershowitz, a close confidant of serial child rapist Jeffery Epstein who himself has been accused of having sex with underage girls at Epstein’s direction.

To trot out some of the most heinously corrupt people in American politics to defend the most criminal president in American history is the tiny pink hat on the elephant in the room of this disgraceful, unforgivable circus of a trial. The Republicans are not only cacklingly throwing pies in the faces of the American people but are then using Constitution and all basic precepts of ethics, law, and dignity that our nation holds dear as punchlines in a garbage stand up-routine by a gallery of clowns.

Social media unloaded on the President’s choice of defense:

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