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Trump’s lawyer embarrasses himself with Senate tirade about Democrats handing out “pens”

Trump’s lawyer embarrasses himself with Senate tirade about Democrats handing out “pens”

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The insulting and infuriatingly lazy efforts by the President’s defenders to wave away the ever-growing pile of evidence against him continued unabated on Monday with lawyer Jay Sekulow making the argument that the handing out of impeachment pens by House Democrats somehow exonerates the president.

While Sekulow claims to value the history and the solemnity of “this great body,” he makes a mockery of it all by complaining that the “pens” used to sign the articles of impeachment were used as part of a “celebratory moment” that we need to think about.


It appears that he’s trying to argue that because the House leaders relished the idea of impeaching a criminal president who has disgraced our nation before the world and trampled every value we ostensibly stand for, the impeachment trial is “partisan” and therefore unfair and illegitimate.

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Of course, the astonishingly brazen refusal of the Republicans to not even pretend to be taking this trial seriously at all or to consider the evidence in any kind of honest fashion is far, far, worse than any petty moment of glee the Democrats shared amongst themselves.

The Washington Post‘s resident satirist perfectly summarized the GOP’s approach to the impeachment trial and the endless carousel of bad-faith arguments and excuses and really hammers home why nothing they say or do should be taken seriously.

And of course, they’re hypocrites too, since GOP Senators got pens in 1999 when they were impeaching President Clinton:


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