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George Conway brutally drags Trump’s geography ignorance with extensive Twitter thread of gaffes

George Conway brutally drags Trump’s geography ignorance with extensive Twitter thread of gaffes

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One of the more absurd defenses that Trump supporters have trotted out to explain his scheme to freeze military aid to Ukraine in the hopes of forcing the foreign nation to open a damaging investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter is that this president is legitimately concerned about rooting out corruption.

Nevermind the fact that his administration has been a cesspit of cronyism and sweetheart deals since day one. Nevermind that Trump has a long history of alleged criminal acts. No, the MAGA acolytes want us to believe that for the first time in Trump’s life he expressed concern for something not directly related to himself personally and wanted to assist the Eastern European country in rooting out crooked deals.

This overly generous interpretation of events flies directly in the face of the evidence we have and what we know about Trump’s mastery of geography. It’s exceedingly unlikely that he would care about helping Ukraine when he has since day one demonstrated a staggering ignorance of foreign policy.

It was recently revealed that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cursed at a reporter and—claiming that Americans don’t care about Ukraine—challenged her to point to the country on a map. She did so easily, but one can’t help but think that Trump himself would have been unable to identify Ukraine on a blank map if asked to do the same.

Add your name to tell McConnell to allow impeachment witnesses. We demand Trump get a fair trial!

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George Conway, a Republican lawyer always quick to mock Trump despite the fact that his wife Kellyanne Conway serves as Trump’s counselor, couldn’t resist the urge to mock the president’s oft-demonstrated ignorance. To that end, he compiled a Twitter thread listing some of Trump’s most embarrassing geographic gaffes and some of them are absolutely brutal. Conway kicked off the tweetstorm by saying that the content to follow was aimed at people who believe Trump could manage to find Ukraine on a marked map.

The mistakes ranged from seemingly thinking that Paris is located in Germany, to confusing the leaders of North and South Korea,  to claiming that India doesn’t border China. Take a stroll through some of the president’s greatest (or worst) hits, then remember to vote come November so that we can finally eject this dangerous ignoramus from the White House.

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