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George Conway torches Ivanka after she complains about CNN clip mocking Trump fans

George Conway torches Ivanka after she complains about CNN clip mocking Trump fans

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The Republican Party has found its latest incident to feign outrage over and it’s a CNN clip in which Don Lemon, GOP operative and consistent Trump critic Rick Wilson, and New York Times contributing Op-Ed writer Wajahat Ali mock ignorant MAGA-heads in a playful and largely benign fashion.

It’s the kind of thing that one would really have to dig deep to feel any kind of anger over and which Republicans are gleefully seizing on to push their narrative that liberals (which Wilson is not) are out of touch, ivory tower, coastal elites.

Ivanka Trump tweeted the clip this morning and said Wilson and others “consistently make fun of half the country and then complain that it is divided.” She accused the men of being arrogant and decried such “Real Elites” as disgusting. It was a ridiculous, bad faith attack coming from the daughter of a president who regularly paints Democrats as something less than real Americans, who vilifies minorities and immigrants, and who constantly stokes the fires of division to keep his hate-fueled movement going.

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When compared to some of the truly vile things Donald Trump has said and done—mocking a disabled reporter for example—the joking accents used by Wilson and the others aren’t even worth remarking upon. The idea that Ivanka is truly upset about this CNN clip and yet had nothing to publicly say when her father bragged being a sexual predator, mocked POWs, and attacked a Gold Star family is completely without credibility. As usual, she is engaging in cynical politicking to help her father.

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George Conway, husband of Donald Trump’s right-hand woman Kellyanne Conway and a vocal opponent of the president, saw Ivanka’s tweet and decided to call out the blatant hypocrisy. He asked her if she has ever met her father, “the ignorant, incompetent, and narcissistic psychopath” who “frequently attacks the half of the country that recognizes he’s not, in fact, a very stable genius who makes perfect phones calls.”

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Conway correctly accused Ivanka of enabling her father “at taxpayer expense each day” which is what her entire public persona is built around. She plays the part of some women’s rights champion and activist in order to shore up her father’s image and to allow those more disposed towards delusion to tell themselves that he has moderating forces around him. In reality, Ivanka is nothing more than just another petty opportunist using the Trump presidency to build personal political influence and enrich herself. Nothing she says should be taken at face value.

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