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Trump embarks on wild rant trashing his former National Security Advisor for “nasty” book

Trump embarks on wild rant trashing his former National Security Advisor for “nasty” book

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With the revelation that former National Security Advisor John Bolton has confirmed in his forthcoming book that Trump froze nearly $400 million in military aid to a war-torn Ukraine with the explicit intention of leveraging the funds to force our Eastern European ally to open damaging, sham investigations into Democrats like Joe Biden, it was only a matter of time before Trump viciously attacked Bolton. Now, he’s done just that.

Trump took to Twitter and mocked Bolton’s record, pointing out his failures to get confirmed as Ambassador to the United Nations by President George W. Bush, a failure that ultimately ended in Bush giving him the job as a recess appointment. Trump claimed in his tweet that Bolton “begged” for a position that didn’t require Senate approval and that he ultimately obliged despite people urging him not to do it.

From there, the president brought up the time Bolton suggested that the U.S. would adopt a “Libyan model” approach to dealing with North Korea. Since it’s Trump he mentioned not that the comments were about North Korea, but that Bolton made them on T.V. For our game show host leader, there is nothing worse than making a mistake on television.

Trump alluded to “many more mistakes of judgment” on Bolton’s part that he claims led to his firing. Astonishingly, Trump said that if he had listened to Bolton’s advice the U.S. would be embroiled in “World War Six” right now. He failed to mention what would have caused World Wars Three to Five.

As usual, it should be pointed out that when Trump trashes a former aid like this it reflects more than anything on his own poor judgment. If Bolton really almost got us into a series of new wars, Trump is to blame for appointing him in the first place.

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Finally, at the end of the second tweet, Trump got to the real reason for his Twitter outburst. He brought up Bolton’s “nasty & untrue book” and even implied that his former advisor has violated “Classified National Security” by writing it. The president is angry not about the job Bolton did as National Security Advisor, but rather that he has dared expose his underhanded Ukraine schemes.

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“Who would do this?” Trump ended the tweet, although the answer is clear. John Bolton, a deeply flawed man who never met a war he didn’ like, would do this because he recognizes that Trump is a serious threat to this country after witnessing his crooked and incompetent behavior from the inside.

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Even Trump’s former Chief of Staf John Kelly has come out in support of Bolton, stating that he believes his claims about the president. So who are we to believe? All of the former members of Trump’s circles who are now revealing the disastrous truth of his administration, or the president who can’t help but spew an avalanche of lies every time he opens his mouth? The choice is clear.

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