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Claire McCaskill calls Alan Dershowitz “Mr. Underwear” in MSNBC takedown of his Trump defense

Claire McCaskill calls Alan Dershowitz “Mr. Underwear” in MSNBC takedown of his Trump defense

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Presidential defense lawyer and credibly accused sexual predator Alan Dershowitz desperately attempted to walk back the insane argument he made on the floor of the Senate last night — that nothing the president does can be illegal if he believes it helps the “good of the country,” which in this case would be Trump’s re-election.

In the wake of the furious and incredulous backlash from legal scholars, politicians, and the public, Dershowitz quickly tried to walk back his arguments on Thursday morning in a long and rambling Twitter thread that failed to sway anyone but did successfully dig himself deeper into the hole.

One person who had had enough of Dershowitz and his preposterous caping for the president is former Senator and current MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill, who went off on the president’s alleged sex criminal lawyer this morning in a scathing takedown on live television:

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“[quoting Dershowitz] Yeah, I was there, and I had a massage, but it was an adult woman [it wasn’t] but I kept my underwear on…imagine him being the guy that the REpublicvan Party is saying, ‘he’s the guy we’re rolling with, his phony theory is the one we’re buying’…Dershowitz says in the old days a guy like that would not be given the well of the Senate. It would be outrageous to the Republican Party to look to him to save their bacon. So Mr. Underwear is spewing phony legal theories on the floor of the United States Senate and this is what they’re gonna hang their hat on? It’s outrageous!”

Not content to let off Dershowitz that easily, McCaskill dug in deeper on “Mr. Underwear,” as she called him:

“If you’re gonna find someone to sell their legal soul, can you find someone who wasn’t gettin’ massages at Epstein’s mansion? I mean isn’t there anybody else in the country? It’s a little like Ken Starr, Ken Starr didn’t know he was Ken Starr? For him to stand up there and go “oh how outrageous you’re politicizing impeachment — he did it for an extramarital affair that someone lied about! What are these guys thinking? Pulling these charachters to be the ones to be “we’re gonna rely on the legal and charahcter and moral ability of Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz? It is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

It speaks to the contempt and the derision with which the Trump team and their Republican allies are treating this entire venture when they trot out these utterly vile reprobates like Dershowitz, Pam Bondi, and Ken Starr to spout the most offensively asinine of defenses for a president who is obviously guilty. Kudos to Claire McCaskill for taking the time to remind the nation of who exactly Alan Dershowitz is and how improper it is for him to defile the Senate floor with his presence.


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