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Don Jr. gets burned on Twitter after whining about Hunter Biden taking “millions” from companies, regimes

Don Jr. gets burned on Twitter after whining about Hunter Biden taking “millions” from companies, regimes

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There are few things that the Trump family loves doing more than posturing, gloating, and talking trash on social media, and the impeachment trial has given them no small opportunity to engage in their favorite pastimes. But as seems to happen every time Donald Trump Jr. tries to make a snarky point on Twitter, his astonishing lack of self-awareness came back to haunt him after his latest jab at Hunter Biden.

Senate Republicans have been taunting their Democratic counterparts by refusing to allow any new witnesses or evidence to be introduced into the impeachment trial and dangling ludicrous “trades” over them, offering to hear the testimony of former Ambassador Bolton if they get to depose Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

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At the heart of the impeachment trial is the $50,000 a month position that Hunter Biden was given on the board of Ukranian natural gas company Burisma while his father, the Vice-President of the United States, touted natural gas as a “bridge fuel” and served as the Obama administration’s “point man” on US-Ukranian relations. President Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine in a failed attempt to bully them into opening sham investigations into the legal if ethically dubious board position, among other things.

Donald Jr. tried to wonder what would happen if he had taken millions from corrupt companies and regimes while his father was in office.

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Perhaps he’s just feeling left out, since his sister Ivanka and her husband Jared have pulled in a stunning $81 million in outside money while working for the White House, and it’s fairly clear that “corrupt companies and regimes” are significant contributors to that staggering income.

Kushner was previously involved in secret negotiations with the Saudi and Emirati monarchy over their plot to ostracize Qatar with a blockade in 2017 and was rewarded with a mysterious bailout on his company’s disastrous $1.8 billion 666 Fifth Avenue tower purchase through a company whose second-largest investor is the Qatar Investment Authority. He’s also been busted trying to arrange secret plans to sell the Saudis nuclear technology without approval from Congress and to use the President’s image to sell visas to Chinese businessmen in exchange for investments in his company. 

But as the president of the Trump Organization, which pulled in at least $40 million in profit from foreign dignitaries and Republican officials flocking to the Trump Hotel in Washington D.C., he’s definitely seeing serious income from his father’s position.

It is the height of hypocrisy for him to pretend that he was somehow innocent of the same things that Hunter Biden had done, and social media quickly unloaded on him for trying to smear Hunter Biden while his own siblings use the presidency to fill their pockets:

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