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Lev Parnas sends letter to McConnell begging to testify, says he has crucial impeachment evidence

Lev Parnas sends letter to McConnell begging to testify, says he has crucial impeachment evidence

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A former high-level Trump associate and donor just sent a letter to the Senate majority leader imploring him to accept persuasive impeachment evidence.

Republican Majority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell is in a hurry to wrap up the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, while the president’s turncoat agents beg him to admit the “crucial” evidence that definitively proves his guilt.

Lev Parnas is a Ukrainian-American with a strong Brooklyn accent who spent two years in the highest-level of Donald Trump’s gang, both as a donor, translator and guide to the president’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

MSNBC reports that his lawyer and web video producer Joseph Bondy transmitted a formal request to “Moscow” Mitch McConnell, promising to clear the air about Trump’s Ukraine extortion scheme once and for all.

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In a series of court-approved revelations of written material from the federal prosecutors’ seizure and search of his devices, Lev Parnas has revealed the larger picture of Trumpworld ties to his activities and how the president personally approved his team of lawyers jumping in to defend him.

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Trump’s former donor recorded a video (below) of his intimate dinner with Donald Trump in April 2018 where the president asked how long Ukraine could hold out without US military assistance. The reply was “not long.”

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It’s damning evidence of impeached President Donald J. Trump’s corrupt intent.

Afterward, Parnas visited Ukraine multiple times with Rudy Giuliani and helped link Trump’s lawyer with Russian mafia associate Dmytro Firtash in Vienna, Austria. Since his October 2019 arrest for a felony foreign donation scheme, the former Trump donor began to cooperate with Congress.

He smelled a rat when it looked like Trump’s legal team might send him up the river as the fall guy for the president’s crime ring.

Parnas’ testimony would prove pivotal to revealing the entire truth of the Trump-Ukraine affair if only GOP senators believed that American laws exist as written.

Instead, Senate Republicans are busy celebrating their 51-49 vote this evening to chuck the rule of law right out the window and give Donald Trump a sham impeachment trial by denying a House manager motion to call witnesses to enter more facts onto the record before a verdict is rendered.

While the trial is not over yet because Minority leader Sen. Chuck Schumer cut a deal with McConnell to push the resolution of the trial through next Wednesday, the GOP cowards are on the brink of holding the first of 15 impeachment trials in American history that wouldn’t feature a single witness, even for the prosecution.

Yet, Lev Parnas is a credible witness because of the extensive documentation and video recordings he can submit to back up his sworn testimony.

But the Republican Party is busy completing its transformation into the Trumpublican Party by turning his trial into a mockery of the law.

By Wednesday we’ll learn if Mitch McConnell, Trump and the Senate GOP have finalized their decision to end America as we know it by permitting the president to do literally whatever he wants.

Here’s a copy of the audio recording Lev Parnas released of Donald Trump learning that Ukraine is desperate for US military help:





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